NCT's Taeyong honours Ruby with a heartfelt new tattoo, leaves fans emotional

NCT member Taeyong. (Image via Instagram/@taeoxo_nct)
NCT member Taeyong. (Image via Instagram/@taeoxo_nct)

NCT member Taeyong was spotted with fresh body art above a cartoon version of a tattoo of his pet dog. NCTzens got emotional about seeing this new permanent addition on the artist's body.

The inking drawn above his pet dog's tattoo was a crown that symbolized her reign as a queen in his heart. Ruby was Taeyong's family pet dog, who passed away on September 6, 2020.

NCT Taeyong's new body ink meaning

K-Pop idol, Taeyong, is known to play around with artificial and washable tattoos. But aside from that, the singer also has a fair few permanent inkings on his body.

He recently made an addition to an existing tattoo of his family's pet dog Ruby. The small tattoo is located on his left arm, and he recently honored it by adding a tiny crown tattoo above it. Taeyong basically raised his pet dog, Ruby, since he was in middle school.

NCTzens get emotional on social media

While the artist is known to have several tattoos representing the bond he has with his friends and himself, he was one specific heart-warming design dedicated to his pet dog, who passed away in 2020.

At NCT 127's Neo City: Seoul - The Link Concert, the musician, was seen with a new body ink above his Ruby tattoo.

Upon noticing the new addition, fans took to Twitter and Instagram, expressing their feelings towards the meaningful design.

We all know that a dog is a man's best friend. A confidant, each with its own personality bringing pure serotonin into one's life, and Taeyong has proved what two ears, four legs, and a wagging tail can mean to a human being. He proved it by embedding her in his mind, heart and soul permanently with beautiful body art in remembrance of his beloved Ruby.

Indeed Ruby was an integral part of NCT idol Taeyong's life, and even though she isn't with him physically, she will continue to live through the memories made and a tiny tattoo as a remembrance on his arm.

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