16 million ARMYs crash BTS’ after-party VLive tradition post AMAs 2021

BTS celebrating AMAs 2021 wins (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)
BTS celebrating AMAs 2021 wins (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)

BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan, K-pop supergroup, record-breaking artists—call them by any such label, and it still wouldn’t encapsulate the exhilarating feeling that the group and their fandom were left with after massive wins at the American Music Awards (AMAs) 2021.

The group hosted a VLive stream soon after the awards ended as part of their tradition. What ensued was a hilarious chain of events, from the group making fun of Jungkook’s speech cut-off to millions of fans watching a black screen as the app crashed.

BTS host an after-party AMAs VLive stream titled ‘focus on…’

BTS’ Western awards tradition is quite simple: They spend the time celebrating with champagne and snacks in their hotel room, communicating with fans via VLive, rather than attending the after-party. After bagging multiple awards and quite literally making history, the members were back in their hotel room in casual wear.

With cakes, pizzas and champagne on the table, the members talked about their experience at the AMAs 2021. They titled the livestream as ‘focus on…’, referencing Jungkook’s hilarious speech cut-off:

“In 2022, we want to focus on.. Focus on...”

Jin and the other members then stopped him. Many ARMYs wondered if it was a spoiler for their next album. Soon enough, "Focus on what Jungkook" started trending on Twitter.

BTS’ rapper SUGA was his usual goofy but wise self throughout the livestream. He assured fans that they could accept the group's future “joyfully without any fear” now.

Another unforgettable instance involved the crashing of the VLive app, leaving millions of ARMYs tuned in to only a black screen. Many joked about the situation as the view count only rose higher, touching 16.2 million viewers and more.

BTS’ RM, the Spoiler King, spoils the group’s next comeback

Living true to his label of King of Spoilers, BTS’ leader RM spoiled the group’s project yet again. This time, on the AMAs 2021 after-party VLive stream, SUGA asked if RM thought they could aim for a Grammy too, and he accidentally spilled,

“I mean our video comes out anyway so… Oh! Right.”

Other members tried not to laugh, while maknae Jungkook looked straight at the staff, giggling at the leader's choice of words. Jin noticed one of the staff behind the camera and said,

“Namjoon-ah, a staff member just grabbed their hair.”

Meanwhile, 22 November 2021 will remain an unforgettable day for both BTS and ARMYs—not only because of the group's historic win but also for RM's spoiler and the ARMYs having to watch a black screen for nearly 15 minutes.

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