20-year-old Aria of X:IN makes history as the first Indian K-pop idol to perform at Korean music shows

Aria becomes the first Indian K-pop idol to perform on South Korean music shows (Images via Instagram/x.in_official)
Aria becomes the first Indian K-pop idol to perform on South Korean music shows (Images via Instagram/x.in_official)

Aria of X:IN has become the first-ever Indian K-pop idol to perform on local music shows such as Show! Music Core and Inkigayo. She is also the first-ever Indian to perform at South Korean music shows. It is considered a right of passage for idols and is a key aspect of being a K-pop star.

X:IN is a multinational group that officially debuted with five members on April 11, 2023, with their song KEEPING THE FIRE. Two of its members are Korean (Roa, Chi.U), one is Korean-Australian (E.Sha), one is Russian (Nova), and one, Aria, is Indian.

While the group is gaining attention on its own, the 20-year-old Indian K-pop idol is attracting the world’s spotlight. She has already made multiple headlines in publications across the world for being the second K-pop idol to hail from India.

Aria of X:IN trends on multiple sites after gaining attention as the first-ever Indian K-pop idol to perform on Music Core and Inkigayo

There have been multiple debates on whether Aria of X:IN could be called the first or second Indian K-pop idol. One thing that people are sure of is that she is the second Indian to successfully make her way into a K-pop idol group.

BLACKSWAN’s Sriya Lenka is the first Indian K-pop idol, but she is yet to officially debut as the group has not yet released any music since her addition. However, Aria has not only debuted but also performed at music shows, clicking photos in front of the legendary pink wall at the Music Core and the iconic Inkigayo stairs.

X:IN performed their debut track, KEEPING THE FIRE, at Music Core on April 8 and Inkigayo on April 9. Check out the performances below:


It is then natural that India, a country brimming with K-pop and K-drama fans, is elated to have their country be represented in Korea’s entertainment industry. Although the group only debuted on April 11, 2023, fans across the country offered their unwavering support to X:IN and Aria.

Take a look at how fans, especially Indian K-pop fans, reacted to the group’s debut below:

India’s second K-pop idol, Aria of X:IN, hails from Kerala

Aria, aka Gauthami, hails from Kerala, a state in the southern region of India. The artist was born on March 12, 2003. She got her start in the K-pop industry last year, where she trained under Universe, an online training platform. It was later revealed that she was a part of the idol group's pre-debut team.

The 20-year-old finally debuted as X:IN’s fifth and youngest member with their pre-release single, Who Am I, on March 12, 2023. She can speak four languages, English, Malayalam, Korean, and Hindi.

An interesting fact about her that many don’t know about is that she acted in the 2011 drama/thriller movie titled Melvilasom (aka The Address) as the protagonist’s young daughter.

It would be interesting to see what new history Aria of X:IN writes as she introduces the world to her country with the unparalleled love and support of Indian K-pop fans.

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Edited by Dev Sharma