Meet Aria of X:IN: India's second K-pop idol

Aria of X:IN, K-pop
Aria of X:IN, K-pop's second Indian idol (Image via Twitter/@X_in_official)

With her debut on April 11, 2023, Aria of X:IN became the second Indian K-pop idol ever. The five-member multinational female group debuted with their first digital single, Keeping The Fire. But what instantly caught fans' eyes was the presence of an Indian member. Aria of X:IN has already acquired a great deal of popularity among K-pop fans, following in the footsteps of Sriya from BLACKSWAN in terms of India's involvement with K-pop.

Coming from Kerala, the idol also goes by the name Gauthami. The twenty-year idol was the last and the fifth member that was revealed during the preview of X:IN and with her finally rolling out her debut, many Indian fans have been showering her with love and support as she makes waves in the K-pop industry.

From personal background to debut: All you need to know about Aria of X:IN

Born on March 12, 2003, Aria of X:IN initially involved herself in the K-pop industry back in 2022. Under the state name Ami, the idol joined GBK Entertainment and trained there for a few months under the online training platform, Universe. Soon after, Aria along with four other members, Chiu, Nova, Roa, and Esha, were revealed as the to-debut group budding from Universe called, MEP-C.

While the final line-up of the group is still under debate as the company announced that a total of twelve girls will be selected from the fifty who auditioned for the training program. However, Aria left the group in early 2023 and proceeded with her debut in X:IN. On March 7, 2023, the idol, along with her fellow member Nova, were showcased in the line-up reveal video titled, 44th K-Stage Yes or No concert.

Her position in the group was finally confirmed on March 8, 2023, when the entire line was laid out. Aria of X:IN was not only revealed as the vocalist of the five-member group but also their maknae (youngest).

Soon after, the group kickstarted their activities in the K-pop industry with the roll-out of their pre-debut single, Who Am I, on March 12. Upon hearing the same, fans have been extremely intrigued by the group and their musical productions, curious as to what more they'll be bringing to the table. With their official debut with the release of Keeping The Fire, fans' excitement was not put to waste.

The performances and the vocals that Aria of X:IN rolled during the stages for both Who Am I and Keeping The Fire left many in awe. Not only were they impressed by her sweet and warm vocals, but they were also stunned by her unmatched visuals and sharp dance moves. As the idol progresses through her journey as a K-pop idol, fans can't wait to see what else she's got in store for them.


While Aria's plate of talents already seems to be overflowing, it only gets further full when one realizes that she has also participated in an acting project. Back in 2011, Aria of X:IN was featured in a Malayalam movie titled, Melvilasom, where she played the role of Ammu. While many hadn't realized that she was the kid playing the role of the protagonist's daughter, putting the two together has surprised many.

As the idol continued to bring a handful of exciting skills and stories to the table, fans and Indian fans in particular couldn't help but overflow with pride as they eagerly look forward to Aria's future as a K-pop idol.

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Edited by Vinay Agrawal