Top 5 Korean Zombie movies and dramas to watch on Netflix as All of Us Are Dead takes over the internet

Top Korean Zombie shows (Images via Instagram)
Top Korean Zombie shows (Images via Instagram)

If you are a fan of Korean zombie movies, then you must have watched the first season of All of Us Are Dead on Netflix by now. The 12 episode-long season has taken viewers through a fascinating ride, and it's no wonder that IMDb has rated it 7.7/10.

Now while you are preparing yourself to experience this one-of-a-kind TV drama, we will quickly recommend 5 more Korean zombie movies and TV shows that you can check out on Netflix.

#1 Alive

Alive is based on Matt Naylor's Alone and is considered to be one of the best Korean zombie movies ever to have been released on Netflix. The plot revolves around how a gamer survives during a zombie outbreak in Seoul.

Alive offers over-the-top camerawork and sudden twists and turns in the plot that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. The movie managed to grab a whopping 88% rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

#2 Train to Busan

Released back in 2016 Train to Busan, an award-winning movie, is much more than a zombie movie. IMDb rated it 7.7/10. The storyline narrates how a father protects her daughter during an outbreak and tries to escape to a city which is safe.

Train to Busan was a global hit. The plot, screenplay, and camerawork were indeed praiseworthy, which makes the movie bag the no. 2 spot on our list.

#3 The Witch: Part 1

Bagging a whopping US $24.4 million at the box office, The Witch: Part 1 is an automatic choice in this zombieverse. The story revolves around how a young girl leading a normal life suddenly finds herself in the middle of chaos and all she can do to survive is run away from her past.

Netflix has currently removed the movie from its roster, but if you are a true Korean horror movie fan, you will find a way to watch it.

#4 Kingdom

Kingdom is a Korean zombie TV show and is set in medieval Asia. First streamed in 2019, it is still on Netflix's roster and is one of its most popular shows. Zombie enthusiasts have found both the seasons gripping and you too should check them out if you haven't already.

#5 Zombie Detective

Starring Park Ju-hyun and Choi Jin-hyuk, Zombie Detective narrates the life of a zombie who was once a human and his quest to uncover the truth of his past. Currently streaming on Netflix, this mystery drama has a different kind of storyline as compared to modern day zombie movies and TV shows.

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