Vikings: Valhalla - 5 things to know about the upcoming Netflix series

Vikings: Valhalla (Images via Instagram: netflixvalhalla, historyvikings, vikings_oficial & nicolasalexanderotto)
Vikings: Valhalla (Images via Instagram: netflixvalhalla, historyvikings, vikings_oficial & nicolasalexanderotto)

Vikings was one of the most popular TV shows and was a treat for historical drama enthusiasts. All six seasons exhibited nail-biting moments, over-the-top camera work and BGM, even after the demise of the main protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel.

Though the last season was screened in December 2020, fans still have a strong reason to celebrate as the Norse saga is all set to continue in the sequel TV show Vikings: Valhalla.

The first episode is scheduled to be screened in February 2022 and fans can hardly wait. If you too are looking forward to this TV show, here are 5 things that you need to know about it.

5 things to know about Vikings: Valhalla

1) The show takes place a century after it's prequel

The show is set sometime around the early 11th century, where fans will get to see the fate of the land previously conquered by the mighty Norse icon Ragnar Lothbrok. They can also expect to witness epic battles between the Christian Viking armies and the Pagan Viking armies.

2) Expect some old characters from the original series

Good news for those who were expecting some characters from the old show to show up in this sequel. The production team confirmed that there is a high chance that the audience will get to see some familiar Norse characters. Apart from that, the series is most likely to cast popular faces from other Netflix shows.

3) 24 Episodes? Yes, fans can expect that too

We've seen TV shows having several episodes under a single season but having 24 episodes is indeed a big deal. As per the report, Netflix has already ordered 24 episodes for season 1 but the question remains whether all of them will be screened at the same time or will they be broken in batches that will have different release dates.

4) Fans can expect at least three seasons

The production team has decided to release its first season in February 2022. But that's not the end of the sequel. As per the latest reports, the team is already working on season 3 in the background.

5) The spotlight moves to the west

Though the upcoming series will focus on Scandinavian lands, the core set is likely to shift to the west, the New World. This sequel will showcase the struggles of the Norsemen in adjusting to the shift in social structure and some of their rigid age-old ways.

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