Ada Twist, Scientist Season 2 ending explained: What does the time capsule denote?

Ada Twist, Scientist Season 2: An animated series, streaming on Netflix (Via brownbagfilms @Instagram)
Ada Twist, Scientist Season 2: An animated series, streaming on Netflix (Via brownbagfilms @Instagram)

Ada Twist, Scientist Season 2 was released on Netflix on January 25, 2022. The uplifting animated series is recognized by viewers and critics for its progressive nature and positive and enthusiastic tone. It tells the story of Ada, a little scientist who goes on intriguing missions with her best friends Iggy and Rosie to search for the answers to almost everything.

Ada is truly the embodiment of a curious soul. Each episode of Season 2 is divided into two parts where Ada, Rosie, and Iggy solve two different problems with their effective brainstorming and exploration. It is crystal clear that the series, created by Chris Nee, is created for opening the minds and hearts of curious children.

Ada Twist, Scientist Season 2: Ending explained

Without further delay, let's find out what the ending of the series reveals.

It's all about what's inside the time capsule

In the 6th episode of Ada Twist, Scientist Season 2, viewers witness Ada, Iggy, and Rosie on a quest to find the time capsule that Iggy's father buried a long time ago. There were several obstacles but the three little scientists together found the exact spot where the time capsule was buried and dug it out to retrieve the Iggy's father's childhood memories.

After that, Ada, Rosie, and Iggy decided to put their own things inside the time capsule and bury it. Ada put her old notebook, Rosie put her first "Rosie hammer" and Iggy put the blueprint of the skate park. Choosing these items to leave them for the future generation's discovery, denoted each of the character's individuality, and uniqueness. For instance, the notebook definitely means a lot to Ada, but there's no page left to write down her new discoveries, so she chose to put it in the time capsule. Thus, it is safe to say that the creators of the show successfully added special flares to the characters.

Why the Season 2 of Ada Twist, Scientist ends with the burying of a time capsule?

In the very last scene of Season 2, viewers see the three little geniuses Ada, Rosie, and Iggy burying their time capsule. Why did the makers of the show choose the burying of the time capsule as the last scene?

It denotes the growth of the three little scientists. They are putting their past adventures behind them and getting ready for a new and more exciting future full of new experiments and discoveries. It reflects the thoughtfulness of the show's creators.

Don't forget to enjoy Ada Twist, Scientist Season 2, streaming on Netflix from January 25, 2022.

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