aespa comeback 2022: Group announces mini-album and release date

K-pop super girl group aespa announce comeback (Images via @aespa_official/Twitter)
K-pop super girl group aespa announce comeback (Images via @aespa_official/Twitter)

Aespa, the girl group that took historic strides in the K-pop industry, had released a teaser for their comeback. The four-member girl group was included amongst the "monster rookies" soon after they dominated the charts with their unique concept, as depicted in their debut hit song Black Mamba in November 2020.

The four-member act will be making their first comeback in 2022 with their mini-album Girls. SM Entertainment announced their comeback on June 1, with a teaser clip of the album’s title. In the teaser, the mountains spin around as Girls appears in the middle in a quirky, futuristic font.

SM Entertainment announces details of aespa’s comeback album

aespa 에스파 The 2nd Mini Album 〖Girls〗 ➫ 2022.07.08 #aespa #æspa #에스파#Girls

June 2022 began with exciting news for fans of aespa. SM Entertainment dropped a teaser announcing the girl group’s comeback with their second mini-album Girls. The album will be the first official musical release for the group this year. Their last official release was a remake of S.E.S’s 1998 song Dreams Come True in December last year.

The teaser clip is reflective of the group's futuristic style. It seems that the background is of another dimension, one where the AEs, the group’s AI avatars, live. The Next Level singers’ comeback has created a lot of buzz on the internet, with fans expressing their excitement, no holds barred. The video sits at 1.2 million views on Twitter with a whopping 168.1k likes in barely three hours of its release.

aespa teases storyline of their new album

We here at Coachella 🏜🌴💗#aespa #æspa #에스파#aespaCoachella

In a recent interview with Allure magazine, Giselle, Winter, Karina, and Ning Ning gave a teaser of what fans can expect from their new album. Major hints include the girls' return to fight the villain, Black Mamba, and continuing with the SM Culture Universe (SMCU).

Karina shared that they “are going to fight against Black Mamba” and called it a “real battle.” She added that there will be scenes in the new music video where the girls will be seen battling the villain. Winter later shared that, despite their confrontation with Black Mamba in their debut music video of the same name, they hadn’t completely fought it off. Ning Ning then revealed that Black Mamba never dies.

The Savage singers also teased that they would be returning to the US for a concert, in an interview with NME.

안녕하세요 #에스파 입니다!♥️코첼라 무대를 통해 너무 값진 경험을 했고 함성소리를 처음 들었는데 앞으로의 활동에 있어서도 이 경험이 더 저희가 성장할 수 있는 계기가 될 것 같아요앞으로도 쭉 지켜봐 주시고 보러와 준 관객분들과 우리 마이들 너무 고맙고 사랑해요♥️🔥😘✨ 📸 Ivan Meneses

Meanwhile, aespa boasts incredible achievements in just one and a half years of their debut. They achieved the Rookie Grand Slam title (winning Rookie of the Year at five major award shows) and became the second female girl group to win prestigious trophies at the Korean Music Awards (Song of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Best K-pop Song).

aespa has swept the "Rookie of the Year" award on all 7 major music award shows in Korea - Gaon Chart Music Awards- Seoul Music Awards- MelOn Music Awards- Mnet Asian Music Awards- Asia Artist Award- Golden Disk Award- Korean Music Award#aespa #에스파 @aespa_official

The four-member act even performed at Coachella, a major feat for newly debuted artists, and were named in the 'Next Generation Leaders of 2022' and '30 Under 30 Asia by Forbes' lists. Their album featured in The New York Times’ 'Best Albums of 2021' list.

It seems that aespa’s concept is along the lines of alternate dimensions, AI avatars, sci-fi, and multi-dimensional travel. Fans cannot wait for the new hits that the group will release when they return on July 8, 2022.

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