After 'Snowdrop,' 'Until the Morning Comes' is the latest JTBC drama embroiled in controversy

Until the Morning Comes is reportedly based on this Chinese CDrama (Image via iQiyi)
Until the Morning Comes is reportedly based on this Chinese CDrama (Image via iQiyi)

Even as the Snowdrop historical distortion controversy rages on, JTBC has been accused of ignoring similar issues with the upcoming drama called Until the Morning Comes. The new series, expected to air right after Snowdrop’s scheduled end, is based on the Chinese novel The Long Night, written by Zi Jichen.

The critically acclaimed novel is a whodunit, where a former prosecutor joins hands with the victim to get to the bottom of a murder mystery. The book has already been adapted into a Chinese drama, which was well-received, and won several awards in South Korea.

Here is the trailer for the C-drama:


However, the JTBC adaptation, Until the Morning Comes, became embroiled in speculation that it romanticized the CCP or Chinese Communist Party. The speculation gained steam after Zi Jichen made highly controversial statements. In addition to Snowdrop, the controversy with the new show has seemingly escalated in the last few days.

JTBC's 'Until the Morning Comes' was scheduled to take over 'Snowdrop' time slot

Until the Morning Comes, which stars Han Seok Gyu and Jung Yoo Mi, reportedly filmed the first eight episodes. The shoot was halted allegedly due to these allegations.

At the time of its publication in 2017, The Long Night was criticized for containing propaganda that promoted Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China and General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. However, the main issue appears to be the opinions of the author.

Zi Jinchen has been vocally opposed to the Hong Kong independence movement. In August 2019, he reportedly made several controversial statements on Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, mocking pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.

“Who are the people who are calling for Hong Kong independence? These are people who do not have proper jobs, are lazy and idle, and then suddenly one day they say that they will become revolutionaries.”

Not long after the first post, Zi Jinchen also said:

"Some of my friends are stupid directors, and some writers support Hong Kong independence. I really want to expose it, but I think this is also a violent and unethical approach."

JTBC is reportedly aware of the controversy. That is why Until the Morning Comes stopped filming after the first eight episodes. When asked to comment, the makers of the drama said:

"There is no need to worry about this work because the original work (not Chinese capital) is being purchased by the production company."

However, the general public was not pacified with this justification. Most were surprised and disappointed by JTBC's decision to forge ahead with the highly controversial writer's material.

However, several netizens have pointed out that the novel is a gritty crime drama, not a propaganda piece glorifying the Chinese government.

Snowdrop is mired in controversy over historical misrepresentation, military romanticization, and disparagement of the pro-democracy movement. As criticism grows, it remains to be seen whether JTBC will continue producing Until the Morning Comes.

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Edited by Srijan Sen