All Of Us Are Dead virus explained

A still from All Of Us Are Dead (Image via Netflixkr/Instagram)
A still from All Of Us Are Dead (Image via Netflixkr/Instagram)

All Of Us Are Dead is the latest Netflix Korean show to have premiered on the streaming platform. The show is set amid a zombie apocalypse and the epicenter of the outbreak is Hyosan city's high school. The majority of students here are infected by the virus, with just a handful of them getting away. The virus is the creation of one of the science teachers, Lee Byeong-chan. He creates it mainly to help his son transform into a better and stronger version of himself.

However, the virus ends up hurting not only his son but also his wife. Byeong-chan continues to keep his son and his wife under lock and key within the premises of his home. He also continues to do his best to cure his son and his wife, only to realize later in All Of Us Are Dead that there is no possibility of finding a cure for the virus. He logs his account of the virus' creation and its mutation.

Where is the virus from in All Of Us Are Dead?

Byeong-chan uses a strand of DNA from a rat whose adrenaline kicks in when it is cornered by a predator. This rat has the power to even attack its predator and hurt it. Byeong-chan believes that incorporating a virus created from this very DNA would help humans evolve into better beings in All Of Us Are Dead. The virus, however, triggers something worse in humans and they end up transforming into zombies that thirst for nothing but fresh human blood.

One of the lab rats in Byeong-chan's science labs which has been used in experiments on the zombie virus bites one of the students in the school, thereby starting the mass outbreak. From one student to another and later the whole town, it doesn't take too long before the spread of the virus expands into a neighboring town as well.

Over the 12 episodes of All Of Us Are Dead, the audience sees the students struggle to escape the clutches of the zombies. Most of them lose the fight, much to the viewers' distress, however, a few do make it to the end.

The ones who make it to the end are the ones who give the viewers some hope of All Of Us Are Dead getting renewed for another season.

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