All of Us are Dead becomes no. 1 show on Netflix

Cast members of All of Us Are Dead (Image via Netflix Korea)
Cast members of All of Us Are Dead (Image via Netflix Korea)

After the incredible popularity of Squid Game, it seems that Korean dramas are truly staking their claim on Netflix with the latest show All of Us are Dead now ruling the charts on the platform.

Deadline has reported that the horror series is following in Squid Game’s footsteps and has assumed the number one rank on Netflix’s U.S. daily Top 10 list. Seeing its growing success, it is expected that All of Us are Dead is on its way to dethrone the survival drama as the most-watched original series on the streaming service.

The plot of All of Us are Dead

The horror series follows a group of teenagers at a high school where a deadly virus spreads. Anyone infected quickly becomes a zombie, dead set on killing the survivors. When getting help from the outside soon becomes impossible, the surviving group has no choice but to face the undead and do everything in their power to not join their steadily growing numbers.

All of Us are Dead is different from other zombie shows and films

The Netflix series approaches the zombie thriller genre with one major tweak in its storyline. While the likes of Train to Busan, Alive, and Sweet Home presented adults struggling to survive an apocalypse, this show instead pitches teenagers in a similar life-threatening situation.

As explained by director Lee Jae-Kyoo, there is a particular reason behind making high school students the protagonists in the show. It was done to portray the stark differences between the decisions taken by a child and an adult when faced with a dire situation.

“Up until now, most zombie flicks revolved around adults. But this series follows the story of students, who are yet to fully mature and be socialized.”

We have seen in films like Train to Busan, where the protagonist almost always aims to perform sane actions based on well-thought logic. But when it comes to teenagers, they tend to take “riskier decisions.”

“When adults are put in a dangerous situation, they will all find a safer way. But children, they sometimes make riskier decisions. I wanted to make a story that will lead people to think about what it means to be an adult and a human by watching the decisions and actions the children make in a life-or-death situation.”

All twelve episodes of All of Us are Dead are currently streaming on Netflix. While the open-ended conclusion of Season 1 does hint towards a second season, it has not been officially confirmed as of yet.

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