"Another pair of besties": TXT Beomgyu surprises fans with his unexpected friendship with NCT Chenle

TXT Beomgyu and NCT Chenle reveal their frienship (Image via Twitter/@txt_bighit,@NCTdream_smtown)
TXT Beomgyu and NCT Chenle reveal their frienship (Image via Twitter/@txt_bighit,@NCTdream_smtown)

Out of the many unexpected K-pop idols' friendships that keep emerging on the internet, TXT Beomgyu and NCT Chenle's case has been met with surprise and cheer from their respective fandoms.

On February 23, 2023, a fan asked Beomgyu on Weverse whether he had met Chenle yet, to which the TXT member replied with:

"What do they call it, SNS friends? We are totally not just that. We've had more deep conversations than you think. We met and talked when we had overlapping schedules and things keke."

While it's no secret that Beomgyu is a social butterfly with friends from many groups like Stray Kids, ATEEZ, etc., the one with Chenle was quite surprising, especially since there hasn't been much interactions between the two K-pop groups. Along with TXT Beomgyu, Chenle also hinted about his friendship with the former during a live stream, saying:

"We spoke a lot and talked about how much we wanted to meet in a personal setting but we're both really busy so we haven't gotten the chance to meet yet."
beomgyu have you ever met chenle?beomgyu: what is it, internet friends? we not just like that, we have better talks and deeper than that. even though our schedule are both not the same we still meet and talk

Fans hope for a collaboration between TXT Beomgyu and NCT Chenle as they react to their unexpected friendship reveal

Following the reveal of TXT Beomgyu and NCT Chenle's friendship, their fandoms went crazy over the same. Fans have been hoping to see interactions between TXT and NCT for ages, and they finally found out that the two groups have had interactions with each other. While some expressed surprise, others hoped for a collaboration between the two boy bands.

beomgyu is friend with nct’s Chenlehe’s collecting 01 one by one😍
Chenle mentioned beomgyu and said that they talk a lot and that they always want to meet privately but both of them are busy and they still didn't have a chance but they do talk a lot on kakao talk!!
@yawnzzennie I rlly hope this is a START of some sort i need my dream x txt interactions NOWWWWWW

Many also felt that their friendship made so much sense since both were born in 2001 and that their groups also share similar ages. Additionally, both Beomgyu and Chenle are known to be the social butterflies of their groups who have quite an extensive list of friends in the industry, especially from the 2001 line.

@txtgenleaders Beomgyu collecting idols like Pokémon 💀💀
no but chenle and beomgyu being friends makes sm sense cause they’re both very hyper and loud on the outside but actually have very deep thoughts and are very thoughtful people 😔
@translatingTXT chenle called beomgyu his friend… T^T
dreamzen huening kai, true hello future dreamzen soobin, beomgyu chenle deep talk best friends, that 99-02 good music magic. not saying i manifested all this by being a moazen but actually i did. now that collab for when

With the reveal of Beomgyu and Chenle's friendship, fans are also hoping for further interactions and friendships between TXT and NCT Dream. Since it was revealed that they've been friends for quite a while, fans have been intrigued by their relationship and are eager to learn more about the same. Naturally, they also hope for collaborations between the two groups since their genres blend well with one another.

NCT Dream and TXT's recent releases: Best Friend Ever and The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION

Both NCT Dream and TXT have rolled out fresh music recently in 2023. NCT Dream made their first Japanese debut with their EP, Best Friend Ever, on February 8, 2023. The title track was accompanied by the Japanese version of their earlier released track, Glitch Mode. The album was very well-received and eventually topped the Japanese charts.

.@TXT_members' "The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION" has now surpassed "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE", becoming their 2nd most streamed album on MelOn.

Meanwhile, TXT released their mini album, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, on January 27, 2023, consisting of five tracks. Almost all of the tracks from the album went viral, and the group broke several records, including the first K-pop group acts with a mini-album. Even platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram were dominated by people participating in the dance challenges for Sugar Rush Ride and Tinnitus.

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