Apple TV's Ghostwriter Season 3 cast talks about the magical power of books, social causes, & more (Exclusive)

Nour Assaf, Daire McLeod and Princess K. Mapp
Nour Assaf, Daire McLeod and Princess K. Mapp in the show (Image via Apple TV)

Apple TV's Ghostwriter is based on the hit series of the same name from the 90s. The third season arrives with a new cast on October 21, 2022, and we at SK POP had a chance to speak with the young and lively actors.

Princess K. Mapp, Daire McLeod, and Nour Assaf team up to solve mysteries galore, assisted by (you guessed it!) a ghost. During their adventures, they encounter characters from The Wizard of Oz and many other literary works.

Enchanting and hilarious, the upcoming season will be an amalgamation of several genres of storytelling - from fantasy to mystery, with the occasional foray into heavier topics like social issues.

Thankfully, Apple TV's Ghostwriter features an extremely talented cast who stood strong in the face of this massive undertaking. All three of them expressed their love and admiration for the series with delight.

Do catch the interview in its entirety by clicking on the video embedded below.

Apple TV's Ghostwriter celebrates the timeless magic of books

Princess K. Mapp spoke about the magic of reading while discussing the show with SK POP. One of the primary reasons why she recommends it is that books are the heart and soul of Apple TV's Ghostwriter.

"I believe that this show really just takes you into the world of imagination and fictional characters. We have a lot of those actually. And it just brings the life of reading and books. That’s what I really love about the show."

Daire McLeod went a step further, speaking about how the magic of books has been represented, quite literally, on-screen. She stated thus:

"I think it’s really cool that we get to kind of put a new spin on these old classics that I feel like everyone at some point has read in their childhood, their adult life, anywhere in between. I also think that it’s cool that we kinda insinuate that books are magical in our world too."
EXCLUSIVE: @AppleTV's #Ghostwriter cast, @princesskmapp, @dairemcleod and Nour Assaf, join us for a fun interaction with our host, @rdore2000, where they talk about the show, the future of the series and much more. Watch now! 🥳

She hopes that the series will inspire viewers to enter the magical realm of literature and discover new worlds to explore. On the surface, the show may be about a ghost sending messages from the afterlife, but there's a deeper meaning for those who seek knowledge. Daire added:

"So, even in this world they may be actually magical, like they float and may turn pages on their own. Yes, that’s actual magic, but we also acknowledge that books in real life can transport you anywhere you want to go...and are extremely magical. That’s why everyone should be inspired to read."

Apple TV's Ghostwriter also brings up more pressing issues like racism, a delicate subject that the young stars tackle with finesse and maturity on the show. Nour Assaf commented:

"Something different about this season is that how they really take into view about racism and different things refugees go through and how they’re treated by the public and I feel like right now, that doesn’t have too much awareness on. And I really like how the show spreads it out."

Apple TV's Ghostwriter may be geared towards a younger audience, but its themes can appeal to people of all ages, especially those who have allowed themselves to be enchanted by timeless tales like The Wizard of Oz in the past.

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