3 best shows on Apple TV+ that will keep you glued

Apple TV+'s best shows that will, without a doubt, bewitch viewers (Image via @Dickinson, @AppleTV, @doozerprods/Twitter
Apple TV+'s best shows that will, without a doubt, bewitch viewers (Image via @Dickinson, @AppleTV, @doozerprods/Twitter

Apple TV+ has won people's hearts with its collection of the finest shows and movies. During a time when streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Prime Video have developed an imperial power by offering binge-watchers precisely what they want, Apple TV has also successfully worked things out to make some room for their own original shows.

Apple TV+ is still relatively new to the industry, and without a large library of old favorites to choose from, individuals may find themselves gazing at many of the fresh releases with zero clue of what to stream.

These top shows from the platform demonstrate that the service is thriving in the face of challenges. While the online streaming service doesn't offer nearly as many shows as many of its competitors, it does have a lot of glamor, popular faces, and quality content. Since its inception in 2019, Apple TV+ has amassed a respectable library.

Three best Apple TV+ shows that will surely keep the audience captivated

3) For All Mankind


For All Mankind's spectacular, crazy voyage begins with an intriguing "what if" concept. This Apple TV+ show starts off by displaying America's misfortunes as the Soviets beat them by becoming the first to send a man to the Moon. As a result, the space program never ceases, and a new historical period emerges.

If the United States can't place a man on the Moon, they aim to be the first to create a perpetual lunar base, generating a permanent cycle of inhabitants while also being the first to set foot on Mars.

The season 2 finale features a dramatic storyline and significant character developments, with a rather terrifying climax, leaving humankind on the verge of nuclear destruction and disaster.

Life in the world of creator Ronald D. Moore is not always ideal, with wars raging within the space exploration initiative between the military and civic authorities, and the Russians trailing America. As technology evolves and years pass, the story continues, with more than enough conflict and melodrama sprinkled on top.

2) Dickinson


Apple TV+'s Dickinson represents a more modern, poetic, elegant, and short take, befitting one of America’s best poets, Emily Dickinson. Hailee Steinfeld plays the lead role of the literary genius. However, viewers are urged not to anticipate a ponderous period drama from Alena Smith's Dickinson.

The series, which depicts the life events of one of the greatest yet complicated poets of all time, is lighthearted and cheerful. Not to mention, at times, it gets strange, ceaselessly amusing, and eager to delve into Dickinson's unknown and suppressed homosexual aspects.

As an unpredictable writer, Steinfeld's Emily is dazzling, fascinating, and perplexing, alongside Anna Baryshnikov's Lavinia Dickinson. They are joined by Apocalypse star Ella Hunt, who offers her unique modest appeal as Susan Gilbert, Emily's closest friend and secret lover, who eventually becomes her sister-in-law.

Dickinson is a fun, quick watch with an opening soundtrack that is more captivating and enriching than one could imagine. It's a vivid, humorous, and lively perspective on historical romance.

1) Ted Lasso


Ted Lasso is one of those Apple TV+ shows that doesn't need a description. The narrative of the titular American college football coach who finds himself in over his head teaching soccer in the United Kingdom is undoubtedly the most popular, if not the most talked-about Apple TV+ series. It's also easy to see why Ted Lasso garnered such a large following so quickly.

Ted Lasso's (Jason Sudeikis) character in the show was indeed a great scheme as he arrived during the Covid-19 outbreak, when things were awful and grim all across the world. Lasso's cheerful attitude as a coach of a losing team effectively overturned the unhealthy beliefs around masculinity, which was constantly on the verge of tearing AFC Richmond apart.

The show's positive vibe also immediately stood out in a sea of dreary premium television shows. The second part of the season has had fans eagerly awaiting Season 3 of Ted Lasso.

For anyone who is in the mood for some distinct and authentic content, these Apple TV+ shows are the best option. These brilliantly orchestrated narratives, without a doubt, are capable of bewitching all viewers.

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