'Dickinson' Season 3: 3 reasons why the Apple TV+ series cannot be missed

Still from AppleTV+'s Dickinson (Image via AppleTV+)
Still from AppleTV+'s Dickinson (Image via AppleTV+)

The popular Apple TV+ series, Dickinson, is back with another season and is all set to release this month.

A directorial debut for series creator Alena Smith, the upcoming season of Dickinson is set during Emily Dickinson's most productive time and falls amid the raging Civil War. Emily, during this difficult time, tried to work out and heal the divides around her and wonders if her art can help keep hope alive.

The latest season of Dickinson consists of 10 episodes, and the first three episodes will premiere globally on November 5 on Apple TV+, followed by a new episode every week.

Reasons why 'Dickinson' Season 3 is a must watch

Still from the trailer for AppleTV+'s Dickinson (Image via AppleTV+)
Still from the trailer for AppleTV+'s Dickinson (Image via AppleTV+)

Season 3 of Dickinson will see the returning ensemble Hailee Steinfield, Toby Huss, Enscoe, Baryshnikov, Hunt, Warren, Zosia Mamet, Will Pullen, Jane Krakowski, and Wiz Khalifa. The season will also feature brand new guest stars such as Ziwe, Billy Eichner, and Chloe Fineman.

The upcoming season of Dickinson is a must-watch, and here are 3 reasons why:

1) The upcoming season shows Emily Dickinson’s most productive time as an artist

AppleTV+'s Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfield (Image via AppleTV+)
AppleTV+'s Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfield (Image via AppleTV+)

The Civil War was considered Emily Dickinson's most productive time as a poet, where she is believed to have written roughly half of her total number of poems. Her most famous works from this time include Because I could not stop for death.

Although Emily Dickinson is not considered a war poet in history, the show casts her as one, claiming that her words were a reflection of the spirit and state of the country during the time of the American Civil War. Her war poems expressively captured the feelings and fears about death, legacy, and the things one leaves behind.

The upcoming season of Dickinson is set during this very time as Emily tries to use her art to heal the division not just in her family but also in the world.

2) More poets, writers, and activists will be seen this season

AppleTV+'s Dickinson is already well-known to show famous poets and writers during Emily Dickinson's time, but its upcoming season is even more interesting as it will feature more poets, activists, and writers from the American Civil War era.

Joining the cast of Dickinson Season 3 will be Ziwe as Sojourner Truth, Billy Eichner as Walt Whitman, and Chloe Fineman as Sylvia Plath. Zosia Mamet will be reprising her role as Louisa May Alcott.

3) It is the final season of the Peabody award-winning series

Goodbyes are hard, but sometimes they are needed. The bittersweet ode to the poet, Dickinson, is sadly coming to an end this year after the release of its final season on November 5.

But viewers will be happy to know that the final season has everything they love about the series - killer music, razor-sharp humor, and several faces throughout American and literary history.


Upon talking about the epic conclusion of Dickinson, Creator Alena Smith stated:

"When I set out to make ‘Dickinson,’ I envisioned the show as a three-season journey that would tell the origin story of America’s greatest female poet in a whole new way, highlighting Emily’s relevance and resonance to our society today."

Dickinson is executively produced by Alena Smith, Michael Sugar, Ashley Zalta, Paul Lee, Josh Stern, Alex Goldstone, Hailee Steinfeld, Robbie MacDonald, Silas Howard, and Diana Schmidt.

Fans can catch the final season of Dickinson on AppleTV+ on November 5.

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