5 best TV shows on Netflix that cannot be missed

Some of Netflix's binge-worthy shows (Image via @schittscreek, @witchernetflix, @strangerthingstv/Instagram)
Some of Netflix's binge-worthy shows (Image via @schittscreek, @witchernetflix, @strangerthingstv/Instagram)

Netflix's range of the finest series is a mixed blessing. However, it gets difficult to explore a through a variety of genres. There are comedies and dramas, classic true-crime documentaries and parodies, superb cartoons, and must-watch shows that are part of the pop-culture zeitgeist.

Sometimes all people want to do is sit down and watch TV for a whole weekend, and whether it's a fancy period drama or a satirical sitcom, Netflix has got the audience's back. However, exploring the labyrinth of choices to pick the appropriate show from might take up quite a bit of time.

That's where this list of the greatest and most binge-worthy shows currently available comes in handy.

Five binge-worthy Netflix series that viewers might have been missing out on

5) The Witcher

The Witcher follows Geralt of Riviera, played by Henry Cavill, as he journeys throughout the continent, battling monsters and protecting civilizations from devastation. The series, however, is not only about Geralt, but also about Ciri, the crowned princess, and Yennefer of Vengerberg, the witch.

One of Netflix's most successful franchises, The Witcher can be wicked, merging concepts of gender politics, magical heritage, and rich characterization. It is a thoroughly enjoyable feast for beginners and long-time fans alike.

It is one of the greatest Netflix shows out there, featuring fantastic yet violent and terrible action sequences and an epic plot delivered across numerous seasons, depicting rather confusing timelines. The second season of the show is a significant improvement in quality, and it's certainly worth watching before more The Witcher content hits Netflix.

4) Bridgerton


Bridgerton, Netflix's gorgeous, gushy adaptation of Julia Quinn's romance book series, has indeed made it to the top after two successful seasons. The series follows an aristrocratic London family called the Bridgertons, all of whom have been endowed with good genes and most of them are of marriageable age.

In season 1, Daphne, one of the Bridgerton siblings, is of marriageable age and decides to "pretend" to fall in love with one of England's most eligible bachelors only to get everyone off her back. Of course, things do not always go as to plan.

It's a scandalous yet touching love story, complete with diverse casting, scripted relationships, and a lot of bonking. It's no surprise that soon after its premiere in December 2020, the show swiftly became one of Netflix's most popular series.

In this Regency-era setting, courting becomes a game. With Lady Whistledown, a witty gossipmonger, at their necks, the elites of London ought to be careful or they might get caught in the crossfire.

Each season of the show is supposed to depict the struggles and complicated love lives of each Bridgerton sibling, following Julia Quinn's books. Netflix dropped season 2 of Bridgerton and there is no better time to binge-watch the two lenghty seasons available on the platform.

3) Stranger Things


Stranger Things remains an unrestrained celebration of the 1980s, from its own cinematic nods to the era's esthetics and a narrative to give viewers chills they have never experienced before. The Duffer brothers created the series mixing elements such as an 80s themed, dystopian science fiction along with a thrilling narrative revolving around rumors of a government experiment on residents of Hawkins, Indiana.

When Will Byers, a young boy, mysteriously disappears, his mother Joyce, played by Winona Ryder, the sheriff of the town, played by David Harbour, and a few of Will's besties suspect the weirdest prospect - that there is a parallel universe filled with terrifying monsters and creatures set to attack humans.

The outstanding performance by the relatively young cast is what has been wowing viewers for almost 4 long seasons now. It is the kids who race around Hawkins on their bikes late at night and snuggle down in basements attempting to find their lost companion.

The show's meticulously produced visuals always highlight the joyous tone of the series' non-monster parts, whether it's set during Halloween or in the midst of a mid-80s summertime. The creep factor is significant, yet it serves as an almost amusing counterpoint to the generally upbeat portrayal of suburban life. Stranger Things is best known for its friendships and coming-of-age storylines, as well as its relationships and familial bonds.

2) Sex Education

Sex Education, a Netflix original series (Image via @sexeducation/Instagram)
Sex Education, a Netflix original series (Image via @sexeducation/Instagram)

Sex Education can be described as the narrative of a not-so-confident, brilliant yet sensitive, and awkward teenager with an awkward relationship with his mother, a father who has never been there, a best friend who attracts nothing but trouble, a minimal social life, and a fear of his own penis. Oh, and he has a secret crush on a girl who also happens to suffer from the misfortune of finances.

The series centers around Otis, played by Asa Butterfield, the son of Jean Milburn, played by Gillian Anderson. Unlike his chatty, social mother, who is a sex therapist, Otis is hesitant to talk about his feelings until he and his pals set up their own sex therapy clinic for his peers at their school.

Viewers are expected to be ready to experience extremes, from indecent humor to meaningful life lessons taught by high school students. The series' main focus is on expanding one's mind while they learn to embrace human uniqueness.

1) Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek on Netflix as one of the greatest satirical sitcoms of all time (Image via @schittscreek/Netflix)
Schitt's Creek on Netflix as one of the greatest satirical sitcoms of all time (Image via @schittscreek/Netflix)

/Schitt's Creek is a satirical sitcom that sees the fall of one of the mightiest families as they find solace in their suffering. The Rose family, led by Johnny, played by Eugene Levy, and his flamboyant former soap opera star wife Moira, played by Catherine O'Hara, fall on their faces after their business manager defrauded them. All that's left is the family's new home, the little town of Schitt's Creek, which they had bought as a joke.

As the devious, arrogant, and egotistical Rose family relocates and tries to fit in with the locals of the very same town, they face unimaginable hardships. Then something unexpected happens, and like a phoenix, the family rises from the ashes of their struggles.

Johnny, previously the proprietor of a lucrative chain of video stores, rediscovers his passion as the manager of a motel, Moira gets elected to be part of the city council, David, played by Dan Levy, not only starts his own business, but also meets the love of his life, and Alexis graduates from high school, paving her path towards community college.

The Roses establish their roots in seasons 3, 4, and 5, while the inhabitants of Schitt's Creek, once seen mostly as nitwits who inadvertently get in the way of the family's aspirations to return to their previous lives, learn to accommodate and support them.

Sit tight because these Netflix shows are sure to keep one engaged throughout the summer holidays.

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