Ava Jones car accident: Teen basketball star and mom remain hospitalized after Louisville crash kills father

Ava Jones and her family were struck by a car on July 5. (Image via GoFundMe)
Ava Jones and her family were struck by a car on July 5. (Image via GoFundMe)

American teen basketball player Ava Jones and her mother Amy Jones are fighting for their lives after they were involved in an accident that left Ava's father dead.

According to reports, the Jones family was struck by an allegedly intoxicated driver while walking on a sidewalk in Louisville, Kentucky on July 5, 2022.

A relative of the Jones family spoke to Hutchinson News in Kansas and said:

"Ava is stable but critical. Amy [Ava's mother] is stable but critical, too, but Amy’s got a lot of things going. They’re both still on a [ventilator]. They’re trying to get Ava off, but it’s a process. Just slow going.”

On July 7, two days after the accident, Ava's father, Trey Jones, passed away at the University of Louisville hospital. News of his death was confirmed by the Jefferson County Coroner's Office.

Meanwhile, Ava Jones' brother, Creek, was also treated for minor injuries and is in a stable condition.

Police have arrested the allegedly drugged driver in the Ava Jones case

A Kansas native, Ava Jones is a Nickerson High School senior who plays basketball. The Jones family was attending a basketball game for the Run 4 The Roses in Louisville where Ava was competing for her club's team.

As the Jones family was walking on the sidewalk, they were struck by a vehicle that was being driven by an allegedly drugged driver, Michael Hurley. Hurley was held accountable for driving under the influence and on four counts of first-degree assault and has confessed to consuming the drug Hydrocodone.

Hurley was, apparently, "so tired that he could not make the [left] turn," that he struck the family, which left all of them severely injured. After Trey's death, a murder charge was also added to the driver's list of charges.

On July 10, teachers, students, staff members, and friends gathered at Nickerson High School for a candlelight vigil for the Jones family's recovery. The event was conducted on a newly constructed track, which honored Ava's father, who was a track coach and teacher at Ava's school in Kansas.

As he addressed the crowd, Nickerson High School principal Rick Blosser said that Trey's vital organs were being harvested at the University of Louisville Hospital.

Adaylee Morrell, one of Trey's students, remembered him as a coach and said that he would always make the students smile. Morrell added that Trey was "inspiring" and "just a great guy."

Another student, Caley Blosser, said that the 42-year-old coach would always keep a check on his athletes, even after they were out of school. Blosser added:

"He always would encourage us. He kept practice fun and light-hearted and made sure to let us know he was there for us both on and off the track."

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Natalie Martin and Kate Honas on behalf of the Jones family. As of writing, the page garnered more than $99,500 for Amy, Creek and Ava Jones.

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