BIBI takes over Lisa as "The Weekend" becomes best performing single by a Korean female artist on US radio 

The singer is one of the rising stars of South Korean R&B and Hip Hop (Image via Instagram/@nakedbibi)
The singer is one of the rising stars of South Korean R&B and Hip Hop (Image via Instagram/@nakedbibi)

South Korean singer BIBI's popularity has reached American shores as her song "The Weekend" became a hit on US radio.

A solo singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer under Feel Ghood Music, BIBI (aka Kim Hyung-seo) made her debut on May 15, 2019 with the digital single "Binu". In the short time since her debut, the talented artist has claimed her spot on the ever-changing landscape of hip-hop and R&B in South Korea and worldwide.

The "Kazino" singer has been on an upward trajectory, collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business.

Her stage name is a shortened version of nakedbibi. The name is reportedly a play on baby, and has to do with the fact that newborn babies are born "naked" and have a natural appearance untarnished by society.

BIBI's "The Weekend" is a part of 88rising's compilation album Head In The Clouds III

The singer's latest track, "The Weekend," is one of her most critically acclaimed numbers. After topping charts in South Korea, the song has made its way to American radio, ranking #29 on the MediaBase Top 40 chart between January 17 and 23. MediaBase is an agency that monitors US radio airplay.

This makes BIBI the first Korean female artist to reach such a high position, beating the BLACKPINK member Lisa's track "Money" which ranked at #35.

"The Weekend" has been in the MediaBase Top 40 list since December 19, and has been reaching higher ranks six weeks in a row.

Incidentally, the R&B track also entered the Billboard Pop Airplay chart at #38 on December 25.

Written by Dava and produced by Pink Slip and producer duo max & Kyle, "The Weekend," which was released on December 6 is a dark pop-R&B number that explores being infatuated with someone who doesn't reciprocate.

In "The Weekend," the singer combines playfulness with misery and angst to deliver a track that is an astute exploration of femininity, sexuality, independence, and relationships.

Listen to the track here:


For the song, the singer's label Feel Ghood Music joined hands with the up-and-coming Asian-American powerhouse label 88rising for their curated compilation album Head In The Clouds III. Some of the other artists featured on the album include Rich Brian, NIKI, and Warren Hue.

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