Did GOT7's Mark Tuan and BIBI lend their voices for Marvel's Shang Chi OST?

GOT7's Mark Tuan Weibo update (Image via Instagram)
GOT7's Mark Tuan Weibo update (Image via Instagram)

The month did not cease to surprise Ahgases. From JAY B's solo debut album release to Jackson's new single, and now learning about Mark Tuan's involvement with Marvel Studios. With the buzz going around on Twitter, it looks like Mark and the soulful solo singer BIBI have lent their voices to Marvel's upcoming controversial release Shang Chi and the Legend of The Rings.

Is Shang Chi OST by GOT7 Mark and BIBI official?

In a sudden move, Mark Tuan and Marvel's first interaction was seen at the Shang Chi red carpet premiere in Los Angeles. The idol/singer turned up a wet-haired, light blue, cream suit look, oozing confidence.

Marvel has only been releasing trailers for the movie. The news was first posted by a Twitter account @BRMarvelNews, mentioning Mark Tuan and BIBI's song titled "Never Gonna Come Down" as one of the official soundtracks in Disney's Shang Chi.

They later shared an image list as proof, explaining that they had access to the movie's credits. However, they added that it is not the complete list, as a previously released song wasn't mentioned.

Is Mark Tuan x BIBI for Marvel's Shang Chi OST fake?

While there have not been any official statements yet, fans are on the rope with this new information. But, it might also turn out to be true. Nothing from fans' hawk eyes ever went unnoticed, and that's what happened with Mark too.

There are a few instances that hint at this collaboration being true. First, Mark Tuan attending the movie's red carpet premiere (totally out of the blue). The second is the abbreviation the idol-rapper used in his Instagram caption - "NGCD" - whose full form might be Never Gonna Come Down, the OST crediting Mark and BIBI.

Check out the Instagram post below:

While it may not be official, there's no stopping Ahgases from congratulating him and BIBI.

They're also now calling Mark Tuan and Jackson Wang the GOT7 Marvel Line. Jackson's distinctive raspy voice was heard in the first trailer of Shang Chi, even though neither Jackson nor Marvel has stated anything official yet. However, fans were quick to note that the rapper was also tagged in a few of Shang Chi's official posts.

This "news" definitely has the potential to turn into a reality. But fans will have to wait a little longer.

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