BLACKPINK dominates October Advertisement Model Brand Reputation rankings

BLACKPINK (image via @blackpinkofficial/Instagram)
BLACKPINK (image via @blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

K-pop powerhouse BLACKPINK has once again established itself as the leader of the entertainment industry by topping the October edition of the Advertising Model Brand Reputation index.

The top 50 listicle was released on October 29 by the Korean Business Research Institute. A variety of prominent celebrities, including athletes, actors, actresses, singers, performers, K-pop stars, and celebrities who participated extensively in the advertising sector were considered while determining the rankings.

To determine each star's overall brand reputation index in the advertising sector, the institute collated large amounts of data on consumer behavior and then analyzed the same, taking into consideration participation, communication, media and social values and connecting with consumers of the most prominent advertising models.

Between September 29 and October 29, 2022, the Korean Business Research Institute examined 30,945,362 units of big data from advertising models for various brands. The amount of data gathered has seen an increment of 13.48 percent since the previous month when the quantity of big data was 35,117,224.

BLACKPINK witnesses massive growth in popularity since last month

The hit K-pop girl group has witnessed a steep increase in their popularity since last month.

BLACKPINK, who led the advertising model brand reputation index, did so with an unbeatable brand reputation index of 2,896,747. This marks a staggering growth of 175.81 percent in comparison to their score from August.

The words "Celine," "Chanel," and "Dior" ranked well in the group's keyword analysis, and the terms "powerful," "promote," and "strong" were best among the group's linked terms. The positivity-versus-negativity ratio also showed that the Born Pink artists received 86.55 percent positive feedback.

BTS and Lee Jung-jae closely follow BLACKPINK to close the top two

Grammy-winning K-pop boy band BTS secured the second spot on the ranking. The group scored a brand reputation index of 2,632,046, which signifies a rise of 5.36 percent in their score compared to August which was 2,498,060. In the media,communication and community index subcategories of the rankings, the boy band did phenomenally with scores of 445,025, 320,504 and 1,523,190 respectively.

Squid Game’ star Lee Jung-jae closed off the top three with a score of 2,035,733. The 49-year-old actor displayed a stunning increase in his brand reputation index since the previous edition of the rankings.

The brand reputation index for Lee Jung-jae in October was 2,035,733, up from 724,298 in August. This represents a gain of 181.06 percent. The media sub-index of the actor was 386,689 and for communication and community indices, the actor scored 357,856 and 1,229,268 respectively.

BLACKPINK also achieved the commendable feat of topping the girl group brand reputation rankings for October 2022.

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