BLACKPINK's Lisa apologizes for MONEY's CA controversy in a fanmeeting, receives mixed reactions

BLACKPINK member Lisa (Image via Instagram/@lalalalisa_m)
BLACKPINK member Lisa (Image via Instagram/@lalalalisa_m)
Afreen Khan

BLACKPINK Lisa's solo debut album LALISA became the most hip thing in K-pop recently. While the title track of the same name broke records, the B-side hip hop track, MONEY, got embroiled in a cultural appropriation controversy on September 19.

Disgruntled fans have finally received an apology from Lisa herself. On September 26, a fan uploaded a screen recording of her video call fanmeet with the idol. The fan educated her about MONEY's cultural appropriation. The rapper then extended her fanmeet time, learning about it in detail and also apologized for offending fans.

BLACKPINK's Lisa apologizes for MONEY's controversy

BLINKS, especially those with African roots, were offended by the Thai rapper's MONEY teaser. The teaser released on September 19 shows the rapper looking stunning, excluding the hairstyle. She added braid extensions to her ponytail that seem similar to box braids, an important part of African culture.

The controversy grew heavier as groups with contrasting views relentlessly debated what it meant.

A BLINK took her fanmeet opportunity to educate her about the matter that went down in the BLACKPINK fandom, and uploaded a recording for the fans.

The rapper can be heard apologizing, as she keeps on repeating that she had no bad intentions. She also said that she wasn't aware of the cultural significance and thought the hairstyle was cool, adding that she will be careful from now on.

Check out the video below:

Even though the fans finally received an apology directly from the idol, it's not going down well with the fandom. An internal fanwar has erupted on Twitter, where some BLINKs are trying hard to not post or clear the apology video because they believe others are twisting her words.

I'm done with this fanbase. So you got to "educate" her and you got her apology. Then you let people circulate the video without her consent? Knowing well that people will twist and weaponize it. Irresponsible. A simple transcript would have been ok. Now she's getting more hate.…
Idk why some of y’all are still saying YG made her do that hairstyle when she’s a grown ass woman and in the video she clearly states she picked it out herself because she thought it was cool but it’s not and she apologized, she learned and that’s okay.

Some also "forgave" her, irrespective of whether they are from the same culture or not. This is also fuelling a fanwar where many BLINKs believe only those offended should accept or reject the apology.

@xo_baekhyunnie @timariiiii I don’t think we should focus on crazy fans. Lisa is the one who messed up, she apologized and owned up to it. It’s the bare minimum but to see that she respects and cares black ppl’s feelings I think that’s what matters the most.Ps. it’s your choice to accept the apology
@timariiiii her fans are pissing me off rn. my main issue ain’t even w/ her apology it’s w/ her non blk shootas switching up n acting like they weren’t just gaslighting blk fans for this days ago n praising her for the bare minimum.

On the other hand, remaining BLINKs are of the opinion that fans, especially the ones who were offended, should get a chance to see the video and it's up to them to forgive her.

The reason you can’t see the video is bcoz non black lilies are reporting it as something sensitive or inappropriate!!! Screenrecord it and share with everyone cuz my Acct might be collected by jack soon....also follow my private...@meanblackmilf
I'm done with this fanbase. So you got to "educate" her and you got her apology. Then you let people circulate the video without her consent? Knowing well that people will twist and weaponize it. Irresponsible. A simple transcript would have been ok. Now she's getting more hate.…
@jaemlink Right 💀 like I get that antis will maybe twist her words but we still need a proper apology
No way are all of these private qrts. Lisards are seriously sick trying to report. All the fans & people that were offended have the right to see the apology. Nothing bad about this video. Instead of being happy to know our fave didn't shy away, y'all trembling like leaves.

While there's chaos on this side, there's one side of Twitter that's taking the Thai rapper's apology in an optimistic way.

@Luluthegirll Atleast it's better than releasing fake statement and handwritten apology with no feelings ... Lisa is a strong person
She was so genuine and i hope people who got hurt, accept the apology and yes we all hope that she and other girls pay more attention to this matter in their future projects!
lisa's apology is genuine and heartfelt and it really looks like she regrets it and is willing to learn from her mistakes, so please refrain of using this apology for petty fanwars, don't make fun of someone who was trying to apologize and learn from their mistakes.
@arilisabanks It isn’t my place to accept the apology, but for it being on the spot, it seemed very genuine and very heartfelt. I was against the idea because I thought she was would make it worse (as most people do), so idk it was nice to see in a way
@HOBIFILEZ Honestly I accept her apology she sounded genuine but action are better than word so let’s see in the future

The teasers and the performance video for MONEY that had the rapper wearing the same box braids are still up on YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK's social media channels. For a few BLINKs, her apology would have been seen as genuine if the posts had been deleted.

@theesleeps She hasn’t even deleted those posts on IG or the dance video so irdk why they think the apology is genuine

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is reportedly all set to attend Paris Fashion Week.

Edited by R. Elahi
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