BTS' Jimin shows huge impact value as debut album FACE sells out in multiple retail stores globally

Jimin of BTS (Image via BIGHIT Music)

BTS' Jimin has once again proved how huge his impact is, as his upcoming debut album FACE has sold out in multiple global retail stores. Moreover, the album has also already become a best seller in certain other parts of the world. The much-awaited news of BTS' Jimin's debut created a buzz among fans, and the results can be seen clearly through album sales.

Fans are rushing to buy the album, both online and in retail stores. This has caused FACE to go "out of stock" in various outlets. Owing to Jimin's global influence, his upcoming album was able to achieve the "Best Seller" status solely a week after pre-orders started.

Global influence of BTS' Jimin causes debut album FACE to become a best seller around the world

FACE by BTS' Jimin is already a global best seller with the album, given that the album has sold out on different retail platforms. Some of these outlets include Target stores in the USA (now restocked), the Mondadori store in Italy, Universal Music Mexico (where the second batch of pre-orders sold out after 8 hours of restocking), and Universal Music Group Africa's website.

Meanwhile, the album has entered the best-selling list in regions such as the USA, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, France, and a few others. Jimin's album also topped the weekly sales chart (immediately) on ktown4u, a global platform to buy K-pop albums.

Other versions of the album are getting the same recognition from fans as they are labeled under "popular" releases on these websites as well, eventually becoming best sellers.

Jimin's popularity is undoubtedly evident from all the accomplishments achieved by FACE way before its official release. Owing to his top-tier vocals, artistic abilities, and spellbinding visuals, the artist's work is in high demand across the globe.

More about the BTS member's upcoming album

FACE will exclusively release on March 24 with its lead track Like Crazy, which will come with its very own English version. Jimin will also drop a pre-release track on March 17, titled Set Me Free Pt.2.

The record includes a total of six songs with BTS leader RM collaborating as a producer on three of them. Other contributors include Pdogg, GHSTLOOP, EVAN, Supreme Boi, BLVSH, and Chris James.

Aside from the tracklist, BTS' Jimin took fans behind the scenes of the creative process of FACE through a YouTube video.

BTS members are currently focusing on solo activities before they enlist in the military. RM, j-hope, and Jin have released solo/physical albums, with BTS' Jimin being next in line. Jin has already enlisted in the military in 2022, while j-hope will be enlisting soon.

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