BTS Jin’s Epiphany video crosses 100M views, ARMY celebrates and turns nostalgic

BTS' Jin for Dynamite concept photo (Image via Twitter/@BIGHIT_MUSIC)
BTS' Jin for Dynamite concept photo (Image via Twitter/@BIGHIT_MUSIC)

The comeback trailer of BTS Jin’s solo song Epiphany from Love Yourself: Answer has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube. The achievement comes three years and two months after the trailer was first released. The song remains special for ARMYs as it talks about self-worth, confidence and, most importantly, self-love.

Celebrating this feat, ARMYs have taken over three worldwide Twitter trends - ‘Congratulations Jin, #EpiphanyMV100M and #빛나는_석진이의_에피파니_1억뷰 (Shining Seokjin’s Epiphany 100 million views).

ARMYs get emotional as they celebrate BTS Jin’s Epiphany video crossing 100M views


The bar set was high and BTS’ eldest raised it to another level with Epiphany. Released in August 2018, the comeback trailer (which also serves as a music video) passed 100 million views in October 2021. The video shows a crucial hint at the BTS Universe created by then-BigHit Entertainment and now HYBE.

In the video, Jin is stuck in a time loop. He relives the same day every single day with the same decisions he made previously. It shows how his character is struggling to break the time loop in order to save his friends’ lives.

BTS Jin’s Epiphany remains one of the most cherished songs in the group’s discography. It talks about embracing themselves as a whole - with all their imperfections and loving oneself in the purest form. It also led to the iconic moment engraved in fans minds as Jin’s performance made hundreds and thousands of ARMYs sing,

“I’m the one I should love in this world.”

ARMYs have turned nostalgic with the singer’s song filled with velvety vocals, finally surpassing 100 million views. Check out their reactions below:

thank you seokjin, for making thousands of ppl understand the importance of self love, will forever be thankful for this amazing masterpiece I'm so proud of you 😢😢😢CONGRATULATIONS JIN !!#EpiphanyMV100M
[#JinTrend] #EpiphanyMV100M and #빛나는_석진이의_에피파니_1억뷰 now occupies the #1 and #2 trends WORLDWIDE 🌏 and in South Korea 🇰🇷 as we celebrate Epiphany MV reaching 100M views 🎉
Congratulation on your #EpiphanyMV100M im so proud of you, seokjin💜🥺
"Epiphany" is such a beautiful song with the deep meaningful lyrics!!! This song always gives me confort!!! Also the way Jin flawlessly sings it is so incredible.. ♡CONGRATULATIONS JIN !!! #EpiphanyMV100M #빛나는_석진이의_에피파니_1억뷰
the song that has brought so much comfort and warmth to me. congrats seokjin im so proud of you. this gem deserves all the recognition in the world. CONGRATULATIONS JIN#EpiphanyMV100M#빛나는_석진이의_에피파니_1억뷰
The silence before the high notes 🥺😭#EpiphanyMV100M
Epiphany is the most beautiful songs in existence. it give me so much comfort.the way Seokjin sings epiphany is so beautiful and incredible.#EpiphanyMV100M #빛나는_석진이의_에피파니_1억뷰
epiphany is so powerful & comforting. the warmth it gives is amazing. thank you seokjin for epiphany & congratulations for reaching 100M views !! you deserve it & we're so proud of you♡CONGRATULATIONS JIN#EpiphanyMV100M#빛나는_석진이의_에피파니_1억뷰
This was the 1st solo song I listened to among BTS.His voice and his lyrics take me to another world where we all can love ourselves without any barriers.CONGRATULATIONS JIN #EpiphanyMV100M #빛나는_석진이의_에피파니_1억뷰
oh,to make thousands of people sing,"im the one i should love in this world"Congratulations Jin🎉#EpiphanyMV100M

Jin has always advocated self-love and confidence. From a short pep talk during any of his Eat Jin Vlives to publicly showing it on a red carpet he has never shied away from making people feel comfortable or confident despite being an introvert.

One such incident that ARMYs will remember is him saying, “If we all gather our embarrassment together, it'll become confidence,” referring to V falling on his knees during a red carpet interview. While others might have laughed or tried to help him up, Jin quickly went down on his knees too, to accompany him and not let him go through the embarrassment alone.

Everybody needs to hear this!! CONGRATULATIONS JINEpiphany 100M #EpiphanyMV100M

Other BTS comeback trailers that have surpassed 100 million views are Singularity (V’s solo), Serendipity (Jimin’s solo), Outro: Ego (J-Hope’s solo) and Interlude: Shadow (SUGA’s solo).

In other news, ARMYs are still upset with Ticketmaster over selling out BTS' offline concert tickets.

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