BTS' RM and Pharrell Williams' new collaboration track to leave everyone with a "Woah!"

RM and Pharrell Williams
BTS' RM and Pharrell Williams for Rolling Stone (Image via Rolling Stone)

BTS' RM and Pharrell Williams have confirmed their collaboration on an upcoming track, which will be featured in Williams' forthcoming album, tentatively titled Phriends. The two hit musicians sat with Rolling Stone for their new cover story, Musicians on Musicians, and discussed their new song together and their love for music.

The singers, who posed for a chic pictorial for the magazine, have also demonstrated their sweet friendship on social media in the past. It had resulted in fans speculating about their secret collab, which was then still under tight wraps.

In the interview with Rolling Stone, Williams shared that the untitled track is a song from his new album, and he is grateful for it. He further said:

"Everyone that hears it is like, ‘Whoa.'”

Meanwhile, the idol really loved the track, adding “I f***ing love it” to the conversation.

Pharrel Williams reassures RM, offers another collaboration as well

While speaking about their music and career, RM confessed his fear of losing when it comes to making art. The BTS leader also went on to reflect on his other likes and interests during the discussion, and the topic of fine arts was at the top of his list. He further explained his sometimes-complicated relationship with art and said:

“Sometimes I really feel afraid, Like, ‘What if I don’t like music anymore?'”

Pharrel Williams, like a good friend, dispelled the singer's fears by calling his worries "temporary." He then stated:

“Then all of a sudden you go, ‘Whoa. It’s the only thing I want to think about.’”

Apart from this, Williams also pitched the idea of another collaboration to the BTS leader. He offered to produce a song for the BTS member's official solo debut, which is different from his two solo mixtapes, asking what the Persona singer's preferences are for the project:

“Tell me what you want, Uptempo? We go uptempo.”

As per the reports, the BTS member is on his way to dropping his solo album soon. After j-hope and Jin, the leader of the septet is next in line to release his solo project.

BTS members, who are currently in the second chapter of their lives and careers, are focusing on solo activities and projects at the moment. They are also prepping to enlist in the military, and the first to leave is the group's eldest member, Jin. They will all serve their terms and plan to reconvene in 2025.

Jin recently dropped his solo single album, The Astronaut, a track gifted by Coldplay. Meanwhile, j-hope released an entire album with multiple hit songs.

ARMYs (BTS' fandom) are expecting all the members to share new solo music before enlisting in the military.

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