BTS' SUGA sends farewell message to Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto following his passing

BTS' SUGA sends farewell message to the Japanese composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto (Image via Twitter/@jeon_vantella, @MINSUGAHQ)

On April 2, following the news of legendary Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto's demise, BTS' SUGA wrote a farewell message for the artist on his Instagram story. Ryuichi Sakamoto died at the age of 71 amidst his treatment for cancer. SUGA, who has a lot of respect for the artist, took to Instagram shortly after the announcement to send his condolences.

Translated into English, he wrote:

"Sir, I hope your long journey will be peaceful."

Since BTS' SUGA has been vocal about how inspirational Ryuichi Sakamoto has been on his musical journey, fans are aware of how much the artist means to him.

Ryuichi Sakamoto was a Japanese composer, actor, and record producer who was born on January 17, 1952. Housed under the Yellow Magic Orchestra, the artist was known for his explorative dives into music genres, while simultaneously pioneering electronic music. He composed tracks for several Japanese movies and animations and also bagged an Oscar for his remarkable work.

BTS' SUGA's relationship with the late Japanese composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Following BTS' SUGA's post, fans have noticed quite a few things about the relationship that the two shared. Not only was Ryuichi Sakamoto an inspiration to SUGA from afar but there were also instances when the two sat down for a one-on-one discussion about music.

During his interview with the Japanese magazine, Shincho, which was issued on January 7, 2023, Ryuichi Sakamoto gave a description of SUGA as he called him "one of a kind."

He said:

"I met with BTS member SUGA who visited Japan at the end of September. A world that needs no explanation. He is one of a kind, top notch idol but if you talk to him, he's a good young man who is never arrogant. While talking to him you know he takes music very seriously and makes me feel like he always and only thinks about music."

He continued:

"He makes me wonder if he doesn't have any other hobbies or interests, because his passion for music is so strong. He stated that he became interested in music at the age of 12, when he saw 'The Last Emperor' at the theatre with his parents. So he said that he hoped and wished to see my after seeing the film."

Additionally, it was revealed that the Japanese artist spent some of his last days with SUGA. These moments were captured for the idol's documentary film. During SUGA's visit to Japan last year, he also posted a piano cover of a song composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.

The pioneer of electronic music, Ryuichi Sakamoto battled cancer

Ryuichi Sakamoto was first diagnosed with throat cancer in 2014, which later developed into rectal cancer in 2021. He expanded on his battle with cancer in an effort to document his life in collaboration with Shincho.

The Japanese composer, who was battling stage 4 cancer, published many autobiographical essays including, How Many Full Moons Will I See in the Future?

During his concert on December 11, Ryuichi Lawrence, who was aware that his cancer might be progressing, ended his show by saying:

"This might be the last one."

Earlier, BTS' SUGA also created a playlist consisting of 10 of his favorite Ryuichi Sakamoto compositions. Some of the songs include Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Rain, SELF PORTRAIT, and more.

As BTS' SUGA grieves the loss of one of his biggest inspirations, the Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, fans send their support to the idol.

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