BTS' V becomes the first and only idol to have 18 fancams with over 10 million views on YouTube

BTS' V (Image via BTS/Twitter)
BTS' V (Image via BTS/Twitter)

BTS' V has once again broken records in the Korean music industry. One of the most important aspects of K-pop is fancams. Fancam King V introduced a new record to his work history as he became the first and only idol to have 18 fancams on YouTube with over 10 million views.

The singer's fancams are the most popular on all channels, with the most views and likes on YouTube. With Facebook's Most Viewed Fancam and Tiktok's Most Liked Fancam.

#Taehyung extends his own record as the Idol to have the most fancams with over 10M views on #YouTube (#18) Christmas Tree by #V becomes the First song by a Korean soloist in history to spent 80 days on #GlobalShazamChart.@BTS_twt #revistade_Tae #ArmysYoungForEverUSA

V's fancams blew up in Tiktok with millions of views after the PTD Concert in Seoul. The acapella version of him singing Blue & Grey got a lot of attention with over one million likes and over three million views.

Fan applaud BTS' V for his achievement

BTS is perhaps the most popular K-pop group in the world right now. While the group's fandom is already millions-strong, member V is legendary in his own right. Here's how fans reacted to the Christmas tree singer’s achievement on social media.

Taehyung extends his own record as the Idol to have the most fancams with over 10M views on YouTube (#18) Congratulations Taehyung!
@BTSVChartData Congratulations Taehyung! We’re so proud of you! V WORLD MUSIC DOMINATION#ChristmasTree by #V is the most streamed Korean OST released in 2021 on Spotify. Keep Streaming #V_ChristmasTree @BTS_twt
@BTSVChartData CONGRATULATIONS TAEHYUNG FANCAM KING TAEHYUNGV WORLD MUSIC DOMINATIONI’m listening to #ChristmasTree by #V of @BTS_twt the beautiful OST of Our Beloved Summer.
Taehyung's "Spine Breaker" Focus Fancam at BTS 5th Muster has now surpassed 10 Million views!V extends his record as the FIRST & ONLY KPOP IDOL to have 18 Fancams - The Most Fancams with over 10M views on YouTube!Kmedia dubbed Tae as the "Fancam King" & the "Fancam Emperor"!
Here's a compilation of Taehyung's most watched fancams on YouTube 🕺…
@vote4kths Fancams, Spotify followers, Instagram, viral TikToks, streaming recordsCongratulations Taehyung & @BTS_twt V WORLD MUSIC DOMINATIONFANCAM KING KIM TAEHYUNG Listen to chart buster #V_ChristmasTree #ChristmasTree by #V the beautiful record-breaking OST of the year @BTS_twt
V WORLD MUSIC DOMINATION Taehyung extends his own record as the Idol to have the most fancams with over 10M views on YouTube (#18) 💜💜Congratulations Taehyung !! 🥳🎉Idol of Idols V !You always make ARMY proud !! #KIMTAEHYUNG #BTSV #BTS #BTSARMY @BTS_twt @bts_bighit
@BTSVChartData Congratulations Taehyung! 👑💜Keep streaming #V_ChristmasTree#ChristmasTree by #V
@BTSVChartData Congratulations Taehyung V WORLD MUSIC DOMINATION Listen to #V_ChristmasTree #ChristmasTree by #V the beautiful record breaking ost of the year @BTS_twt

V's fans were overjoyed when he broke yet another record.

More about BTS’ V aka Kim Tae-hyung


V is recognized for his incredible stage presence. Termed Stage Genius, his fancams are adored by fans as well as pop stars and creators. He is a popular singer, multi-talented artist and holds enormous power over millions of people.

Social media is just one of those aspects of his immense influence and worldwide stardom. V's official Instagram account is placed at number 13 in the Top 1000 Instagram Influencers for March 2022, according to HypeAuditor, an AI-powered influencer analytics platform.

This is the top ranking by a male K-pop idol that has ever been achieved in the world. V's account, which is only three months old, is also the only one in the Top 15 with fewer than 40 million followers.

His rising engagements are mainly owing to his genuine fans, as he places besides public figures with over 70-400 million followers.

🇹🇼 "Christmas Tree" by V has re-peaked at #1 (+1) on Shazam Taiwan Top 200 Chart and now spends 56 days ranking at #1!#V_ChristmasTree is the longest running #1 song on the chart this year (2022) and the First song by a Foreign Act to achieve this feat🎄

In the meantime, BTS' V is gearing up for his solo debut. V announced on March 16, 2022, that his long-awaited debut solo mixtape will be released in 2022.

The singer has been teasing and publishing solo music in recent months. In January, he released the Korean OST Christmas Tree, which managed to help him peak the Emerging Artists chart and garner positions on the Billboard Hot 100 and Holiday 100 charts, respectively, at number 79 and number 55.

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