Top 5 BTS concert outfit ideas you must try

Best BTS concert outfit ideas that fans should try (Image via BTS/Twitter)
Best BTS concert outfit ideas that fans should try (Image via BTS/Twitter)

BTS, a global K-Pop group, is also known as a fashion icon, and its appearances at various events have inspired fans to dress similarly.

The group knows how to bring the best outfits to the stage, either at an awards show, or at an airport look. Jin, J-Hope, RM, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are the seven members of the group who have had a significant impact on pop culture.

BTS members are known for their epic outfits, which include outdoorsy sportswear, stylish young college outfits, and, of course, the finest in men's formal-wear. Check out the best attire to dress in at a BTS concert.

Top 5 best outfits to wear to a BTS concert

5) Denim with Denim

The BTS ARMY is well aware that denim is a popular choice for group members' outfits. BTS members were also seen wearing denim jackets on for Permission to Dance's music video and nailed it with hats, boots and shades. Denim jackets with denim jeans make a popular, comfortable, and accessible outfit with cool vibes. These would be excellent choices for your concert outfit.

Several options are available, including denim shirts, blouses, jackets, skirts, shorts, and jeans. Make a wise investment in your denim clothes, as they are quite stylish and versatile for the majority of our daily activities. A simple denim pair will always appear effortlessly great, regardless of the season.

Denim shorts or jeans can be worn with a colorful jacket or a plain T-shirt. You can pair a denim shirt or jacket with slim pants or a cute dress if you want to wear one. Finally, boots will complete your attire.

4) Stylish Ivy league

Wear ivy league-inspired outfits like cardigan sweaters and classy plaid suit jackets to show your support for BTS as they also wear them more often than not. Here, Jungkook has enhanced the outfit with a neck tie and ear rings. This outfit is quite cute for a concert.

A traditional pair of sunglasses is the perfect finishing touch for any preppy attire. The most common styles are aviators and wayfarers, which are nearly typically plain black or tortoiseshell frames with gold trim, though mirrored or colored lenses are occasionally seen.

Jungkook's style is somewhat simplistic, but it is still distinctive. An oversized white t-shirt, jeans, and his Timberlands are classic Jungkook attire. His attire is more informal and practical. In the past, Jungkook's wardrobe was so predictable that he became popular among his members and fans.

Meanwhile, he has broadened his fashion sense and now prefers beanies, earrings, and, occasionally, a variety of colored boots. Jungkook's clothing here is balanced with ivy league style.

Wear shorts, black tights, boots or flats, crew neck sweaters, over-the-knee socks, a shift dress, and a belt. You may look like the coolest college girl at a concert by wearing a nautical watch, ties, pearls, and headbands.

3) Formal shirts

It's about as simple as it gets to achieve this look. Your outfit will be complete with a white formal shirt and black bottoms. Jimin's style is effortlessly stylish and sophisticated.

In addition, Jimin's clothing combination is more minimalist. However, he frequently wears earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.We often see Jimin and other members nailing white shirts and black trousers with black shades as well.

Wear Navy trousers with a white button-down shirt and black dress shoes. You can wear tan dress shoes instead of black dress shoes and the outfit will still look excellent.

Black trousers, a white shirt, and suede loafers are also a fantastic combination. Choose a gorgeous black leather belt that complements the color of your shoes to make this look a little more elegant.

Wear a beautiful watch with this ensemble to complete the concert look.

2) Leather adoration

If you are a fan of leather, the leather baseball hat is a stylish update on the traditional dad hat. For recreation, pair it with a matching leather jacket and the outfit will stand out. Here, Suga has pulled off a leather jacket with a black leather belt and pants.

A gleaming leather jacket with leather pants will add sassy and mysterious vibes to your outfit and is ideal for wearing to a concert. Moreover, it reflects Suga. However, the idol's clothes are known for their simplicity and coolness. He enjoys both hip-hop and elegant fashion. His clothing is usually warm and comfy, with neutral and natural colors.

Leather jackets and celebrity-approved leather blazers are just a small part of the collection.

Get shirts, trousers, skirts, and dresses in cream, brown, and, of course, classic black made from wonderfully supple leather and faux leather. You can't go wrong with wardrobe classics like fitted trousers, button-up shirts, or miniskirts in black leather.

1) Checks and tees

Check shirts and tees are relaxing and stylish at the same time. Wearing white tees with blue jeans like many group members did will make you feel good. BTS members pulled this off with hats, snickers and black loafer shoes.

A nice basic white T-shirt will match practically any style of apparel, from flannels to denim jackets.

Another way to wear a checkered shirt is with distressed denim or frayed shorts. You can choose between ankle-length boots and Converse sneakers.

Leather skirts and shorts will have you set for a concert in no time. Wear a flannel shirt. You can wear it free and big to make a statement, or tuck it in the front or half-tuck it in the back to add some definition. Lastly, ankle-length black boots will complete the look.

Checks and tees with the outfit will be comfy and distinctive from the concert attire and have very maknae vibes.

With these inspired looks, you can attend BTS' upcoming concert at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas!

One of the most thrilling experiences a K-pop fan can have is seeing their favorite idols perform live. In any case, it would be thrilling to wear an amazing outfit to a concert where your favorite singer will be performing.

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