Get the Hell Out Covid: BTS RM's Vlive goes viral after star tries to chase corona away with his words

A still of BTS idol RM. (Instagram/Bts.bighitofficial)
A still of BTS idol RM. (Instagram/Bts.bighitofficial)

BTS RM went live on July 13th, and fans loved the chance to interact with their favorite idol. The BTS idol during this Vlive stream was asked when he thought the pandemic would come to an end. That's when BTS RM said, "Get the hell out, COVID, get the hell out!"

"Get the hell out," along with Joonie, began to trend after this. A video of BTS RM saying the same has gone viral along with it. Joonie also spoke to his fans about other things, and the Vlive stream attracted more than 3 million viewers.

Fans also reacted to the fact that RM knew of the Army's nickname for him. They loved how BTS RM said, "loving it Joonie" during the Vlive. He had said before that he loved his fans' nickname for him. Many fans also appreciated that BTS Joonie came live with the little time the group had left after their schedule.

For instance, during the Vlive, RM introduced his fans to his new studio. He also told his fans that he hoped they loved his new haircut. He had hinted at getting one just a couple of days ago on Weverse.

After he asked the question, he also read out a fan's comment on Vlive. BTS RM then thanked the fan for liking his haircut too.

BTS Joonie also thanked his fans after BTS song Butter topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the 7th week in a row. It is the first time that their song has stayed on top of the charts this long. Butter is the band's second song in English after Dynamite.

BTS RM about rapping in Permission to Dance

RM, short for Rap Monster, is a rapper. During this Vlive, he addressed a question that BTS fans had been curious about since the release of Permission to Dance. Why was there no rap in Permission to Dance?

RM responded to this and said that it was because rap wouldn't go too well with the vibe of the song. He also said that they had tried rapping and discussing, including rap, as a group, but it just did not work out.

Speaking more about Permission to Dance, BTS RM also said that the International Sign Language was used in the song after much discussion. They tried to take a meaningful step with this song.

The Vlive with Joonie was 30 mins long and once it ended, fans thanked him for taking the time.

Edited by Gautham Balaji