BTS' V receives the 'Singer We Are Proud Of" Award by MMA due to his positive influence and artistic skills

BTS' V aka Kim Tae-hyung (Image via BIGHIT Music)

BTS' V or Kim Taehyung, received the "Singer We Are Proud Of" MMA Melon Plaque Award for his artistry and enormous influence. BTS' V, widely regarded as one of the most influential K-pop idols, received his Award on November 12, with Melon, South Korea's largest music streaming platform, simultaneously sharing the news on social media.

BTS' V previously stated in an interview that he wants to be an artist that fans are proud of, thus indirectly choosing the award's title. Fortunately, he has unlocked that achievement with this new award.

As the only baritone in BTS, Taehyung's voice is deep yet soulful, delivering an array of emotions at once and his talent and accomplishments is one of the reasons he received the award.

Melon bestows the 'Singer We Are Proud Of' Award on BTS' V for his positive influence

BTS' V has added another feather to his cap after earning the "Singer We Are Proud Of" Plaque Award from Melon.

Melon began the voting process for the Plaque Awards in October. From the hundred entries received, only the top ten most-voted artists were chosen, with BTS' V finishing in the Top 5 with 77,064 votes.

Other BTS members Jimin and Jumgook won the "Best Dancer" and "Eternal Artist" Awards, with Jimin finishing sixth, just below V, and Jungkook finishing eighth.

Soon after the results were announced, ARMYs (BTS fandom name) began celebrating the victory and sending sweet messages to the singer, with a user even thanking everyone who voted for Taehyung.

The fans are undoubtedly proud of the Sweet Night singer, who has previously accomplished a number of feats.

In September 2022, V joined IU, YoonA, and SHINee's Taemin as K-pop idols in their 20s to receive the Taxpayer award.

Taehyung's impact has also been recognized by the South Korean government on numerous occasions, including by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the Korean Tourism Organization, the Busan Infrastructure Corporation, and many others.

In other news, BTS' V is currently working on new music for his solo debut. The Singularity singer, like other members, will release new music before enlisting in the military.

BigHit Music announced last month that all members of the group will serve in mandatory military service, beginning with Jin, who will enlist in the military before his 30th birthday (December 4).

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Edited by Vinay Agrawal