Cardi B x Reebok sneakers: Release date, where to buy and everything you need to know about "The Classic Leather Cardi"

Image via Reebok
Image via Reebok
Karishma Rao

The world knows Cardi B as an American rapper, but one must acknowledge how the singer-songwriter has taken over the fashion world as well.

Cardi B has collaborated again with Reebok and has created a new pair of sneakers called "The Classic Leather Cardi." The latest design was inspired by the rapper's “love of gold and it’s timeless value,” according to a press release.

The sneakers have a decadent gold silhouette with a combination of Reebok’s Classic Leather Sneakers and the midsole from the brand’s Legacy 83s. With a closer look at the sneakers, fans can see that the sleek upper has soft leather with suede overlays. The shoes have a satin-like sheen effect, which gives them a glimmer with a velvet touch.

The new sneakers will be available for purchase exclusively on starting July 16th at 10AM EST. The shoes are available in women’s sizes 5-12.

Cardi B previously collaborated with Reebok

Cardi B also released the 'Cardi Club House C' sneakers in October 2020 in collaboration with the brand. Three colorways including an electric pink, paunchy yellow and chalk white were released.

Cardi B had also released a 'Mommy & Me' collection in May 2021 where the sneakers were sold in two colors - Rose Gold and Aqua Dust. This collection maintained its exclusivity as the sneakers were designed for both mums and children.

The hustle never seems to stop for this rapper. Cardi B went on to release another collection with the brand in April 2021 called Summertime Fine. The collection was inspired by the 90s and a walk around Coney Island. The collection exclusively consists of an all-lavender ensemble. It also embodies Cardi B’s signature style filled with many tops, bras, jackets, and tights along with the brand’s footwear.

Reebok’s popularity amongst celebrities

The company started in Bolton, England and was originally a little-known family- business. Reebok was then competing with brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Basketball superstars cannot get enough of the brand, as Stephen Curry, Dennis Rodman and Allen Iverson have previously signed deals with them.

Image via Reebok
Image via Reebok

Cardi B, Ariana Grande and Khalid have all been faces of the brand. The Reebok Alien Stomper is one of the most sought after pairs of trainers in the world.

Reebok has stood the test of time, so it only makes sense that the Grammy award winner collaborated with the company.

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