"Chair Jitsu is becoming our martial arts": Detroit Folding chair fight video goes viral, sparks hilarious reactions post Montgomery brawl

Detroit chair fight video goes viral online (Image via screengrab Firtsthemnews/Twitter)
Detroit chair fight video goes viral online (Image via screengrab Firtsthemnews/Twitter)

The power of the folding chair reigned supreme as a recent Detroit fight video showed a Black man wielding a chair against another man. The video went viral, sparking hilarious reactions in the wake of the Montgomery brawl.

The Detroit fight video, which comes on the heels of the Montgomery brawl incident where a Black Man, Reggie Gray, was seen wielding a chair against the white men who instigated the fight, has prompted people to take to social media and endorse its power.

The Detroit video, which has amassed millions of views, has also sparked a plethora of hilarious reactions, including amusing wordplay where people flexed their creative muscle. One such post read:

However, it should be noted that, unlike the Montgomery Riverfront brawl incident, which appeared racially divided, the Detroit fight was not yet deemed racially motivated. As of yet, it is unclear what sparked the fight.

Netizens react as Detroit Chair fight video goes viral online

In the wake of the Montgomery brawl, the Detroit fight video has sparked hilarious reactions online. The Shade Room, while stressing that they do not promote or condone violence, wrote that the video has propelled social media users to advocate for the furniture's power.

The hilarious reactions on social media appeared to agree with the Shade Room’s assessment. A social media user wrote:

“Another brotha got the folding chair spirit recently-this time in Detroit.. What did I tell you about that #BlackAugust energy?”

Another added:

“Guns down , Chairs up.”

Reacting to the video, one user said that it will soon be deemed illegal.

“Congress is gonna pass a bill to make it illegal.”

Another user opined that it took people years to adapt the technique that was perfected by the WWE.

“So WWE exposed the secret a long time ago but we didn't get it until now lol.”

Several others got into the mix and wrote:

The Detroit fight comes on the heels of the Montgomery Riverfront brawl that broke out on Saturday, August 5. As previously reported, the Montgomery Riverfront brawl drew national attention after viral videos of the racially divided incident began circulating online, amassing millions of views.

Authorities said that the brawl began after the black dock worker, identified as co-captain of the Riverboat, Damien Pickett, asked the White pontoon boat owners to move their vessel so the riverboat can dock.

The White men who reportedly refused to move the vessel subjected Pickett to "obscene gestures, curse words and taunting" before throwing the first punch. The initial conflict escalated into a full-blown brawl after several people jumped in to defend the black man, who was being attacked by white pontoon boaters.

Reggie Gray was one of the individuals who jumped to defend Pickett and was caught wielding a chair in multiple videos of the brawl. He is now wanted for questioning.

Meanwhile, police have arrested the three white men, who instigated the fight.

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Edited by Anushree Madappa
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