Who invented the folding chair? Hilarious Nathaniel Alexander memes trend in wake of Montgomery Alabama riverboat fight

A brawl happened at the Riverfront Park Montgomery (Image via Andreafreedom76/Twitter)
A brawl happened at the Riverfront Park Montgomery (Image via Andreafreedom76/Twitter)

Nathaniel Alexander, the inventor of the folding chair, is trending online following a brawl that broke out at the Riverfront Park in Montgomery on the night of August 5, 2023. Authorities revealed that the entire incident was recorded on video, and the ones involved in the brawl are currently in custody.

According to the New York Post, the brawl started with a few boaters hitting the security guard of the dock. This happened after they were asked by the guard to take their pontoon boat to some other spot as the place was already taken by the Harriott II Riverboat.

A folding chair was also used during the brawl, and as such, Nathaniel's name was featured in netizens' reactions to the video of the brawl. While the man using the chair was eventually arrested, netizens shared hilarious memes related to the moment by referring to Nathaniel Alexander who invented the chair.

Nathaniel Alexander's folding chair was designed for schools, churches, and auditoriums. Alexander's design featured a bookrest that could be used by anyone sitting behind the seat.

"To be used for times like this": Netizens share hilarious Nathaniel Alexander memes after brawl at the Riverfront Park

The Riverfront Park Montgomery brawl has been getting the attention of the internet. Twitter was flooded with hilarious memes, with several users mentioning the name of Nathaniel Alexander:

The name Nathaniel Alexander is often confused with a governor of the state of North Carolina.

He was reportedly born during the early 1800s and passed away several years later, much before the date of the folding chair patent. Before Alexander, several other patents for folding chairs were granted to people like M.S. Beach and J.P.A. Spaet.

Several people involved in the Riverfront Park Montgomery brawl have been arrested

New York Post reported that on Saturday at around 7 pm, a white man and a black security guard were arguing at the docks of the Riverfront Park. The guard was asking the man to move his boat someplace else as the spot was already reserved.

Another man then punched the security and the duo had a scuffle. Several others then joined in to hit the guard. A witness can be heard shouting for help in the video and a few people at the shore seemingly rushed to help the guard, with one of them swimming across the river.


While several videos have been shared online, a few of them revealed that some black men also arrived to help the security guard.

Multiple people were arrested after the brawl and the Montgomery police department is yet to disclose the identities of the suspects. Four arrest warrants have been already issued by August 6, 2023, and the authorities will review the footage posted on social media to take further action.

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