Circle Chart reveals the top 10 K-pop songs and albums of December 2022

Circle Chart reveals top 10 K-pop songs and albums of December 2022 (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit,@NCTsmtown_DREAM)
Circle Chart reveals top 10 K-pop songs and albums of December 2022 (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit,@NCTsmtown_DREAM)

On January 13, 2023, Circle Chart released a list of K-pop songs and albums that were ranked high in the month of December 2022. Circle Chart, formerly known as Gaon, is South Korea's national music chart that records the sales and streams of K-pop songs and albums and releases monthly, weekly, as well as yearly charts revealing the songs that garnered the most attention in that time period.

Circle Chart is the Korean equivalent of other significant music chart labels such as Billboard in the United States and Oricon in Japan. The charts don't just record online streams of K-pop songs, but also record physical sales of K-pop albums and rank them accordingly.

While the two recent lists have many fourth-generation and rookie group songs popping up, they also feature a handful of artists from the other three generations of the K-pop industry. From Super Junior to NewJeans, quite a diverse list of idols sit on Circle Chart's list.

Circle Chart has added Apple Music data to be reflected in the Digital Chart from Week 28 (this week), and the Global K-pop Chart from July 1.Below all the digital platforms that add their data in the Global K-pop Chart and the Digital Chart.

K-pop songs and albums that ranked high in December 2022, according to Circle Chart

The first list looks at the top 10 K-pop songs that were streamed the most in the month of December 2022 along with their stream counts. The list has many new and popular faces like LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, Zico, NCT DREAM, etc.

1) Younha - Event Horizon: 119,802,682 streams

2) NewJeans - Hype Boy: 84,541,198 streams

3) LE SSERAFIM - ANTI FRAGILE: 75,065,784 streams

4) IVE - After LIKE: 67,009,670 streams

5) JUSTHIS, DON MALIK, Huh, K HAN, Mckdaddy, Los - MY WAY: 62,775,412 streams

6) (G)I-DLE - Nxde: 62,217,455 streams

7) NewJeans - Ditto: 60,700,807 streams

8) Zico ft. Homies - New Thing: 59,740,147 streams

9) NewJeans - Attention: 58,616,257 streams

10) NCT DREAM - Candy: 56,450,567 streams

#nowplaying on Spotify "Event Horizon" by Younha

The next list looks at Circle Chart's record of the top 10 K-pop albums that received the most sales in December 2022. It strictly counts only the physical sales of the albums and not the digital sales or streams of the albums. It included the artists, their albums, the number of sales it received along with the distributor through which the sales were counted.

1) NCT DREAM - Candy: 1,395, 187 sales (Dreamus)

2) Red Velvet - The ReVe Festival 2022 Birthday: 575,854 sales (Dreamus) (Total sales: 803,108)

3) BTS RM - Indigo: 544,294 sales (YG PLUS)

4) ATEEZ - SPINOFF: FROM THE WITNESS: 252,291 sales (Genie Music, Stone Music Entertainment)

5) ITZY - CHESHIRE: 224,078 sales (Dreamus) (Total sales: 1,003,533)

6) BTS RM - Indigo (Weverse): 195,069 sales (YG PLUS)

7) ATEEZ - SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS (POCA): 189,734 sales (Genie Music, Stone Music Entertainment)

8) NCT DREAM - Winter (SMC): 1649,270 sales (Dreamus)

9) Super Junior - The Road: Celebration: 164,426 sales (Dreamus)

10) SMTOWN - 2022 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU PALACE: 161,469 sales (Dreamus)

Fans react to the Circle Chart list

With NCT DREAM appearing more than once in both the charts with their winter mini album and other contributions through the SMTOWN album, fans couldn't help but feel proud of their artist.

NCT DREAM's "Candy" topped the monthly album chart in December.- Occupy the monthly album chart in December- Circle Chart, Hanteo Chart, Sinnara Records, Yes24, Circle Retail Album Chart, etc. topped the monthly chart in December which confirms DREAM's amazing power once again
“Glitch Mode” by @NCTsmtown_DREAM becomes the FIRST NCT song to reach 130,000,000 (130M) digital points on Circle Chart!
candy making it despite being released in december is crazy…

Netizens have also noted that due to shipment delays, certain albums are not counted in Circle Chart's report. Fans of K-pop idols whose work hasn't been reflected in the chart wished for a revision of the charts out of respect for the hard work and effort poured in by both the artists and their fandom.

The album was shipped late to overseas customers and now the reflection of overseas sales on Circle Chart is being delayed Report the December export declaration certificate to the Circle chart as soon as possible and respect your artist's work @BIGHIT_MUSIC @HYBEOFFICIALtwt
937K ang last circle chart update. The site says cheshire reached 69K sales for the last week of December. WHICH MEANS CHESHIRE IS A MILLION-SELLING ALBUM NOW???
@9humble6 @idcunfort 2 baddies charted on circle in december though? updates on circle happens whenever there is a new shipment. the chart is literally owned by KMCA so the number there is the most accurate. hanteo sales doesnt depend on new shipment.

Regardless, for the time being, the K-pop fandom is celebrating the diverse list of songs and albums that have received worldwide exposure, which only seems to increase with every year.

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