Crash Course in Romance episode 12: Unexpected twist reveals Ji Dong-hui’s true identity

Crash Course in Romance Ep 12 unveils Ji Dong-hee
Crash Course in Romance episode 12 unveils Ji Dong-hui’s mysterious identity (Image via Netflix)

With only four episodes remaining to air, Crash Course in Romance episode 12 has uncovered many secrets that viewers have longed to know since its premiere. The series merges romance, comedy, mature relationships, and murder mystery in a smooth blend, resulting in it currently being one of the most popular K-dramas.

Crash Course in Romance’s episode 12, titled Point of Intersection between Comedy and Tragedy, really brought viewers to the center of both tragic and comic-yet-emotional moments. The 76-minute episode took a leap in terms of storytelling with many couples and supporting characters, especially in revealing Ji Dong-hui’s real identity and backstory.

Disclaimer: Major spoilers ahead.

Crash Course in Romance episode 12: Ji Dong-hui's true identity is finally revealed

Episode 12 of the hit show Crash Course in Romance was a milestone episode in terms of character development across the series.

The episode began with Lee Hui-jae’s (Kim Tae-jung) arrest on suspicion of murdering Jin I-sang (Ji Il-joo), a fellow professor at The Pride Academy. Choi Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho) and Nam Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon) saw the altercation between Lee Hui-jae, the police, and Lee Sun-jae (Lee Chae-min) while going through some trouble in their new relationship.

The trouble involved Chi-yeol's assistant Ji Dong-hui's (Shin Jae-ha) cold-hearted reactions towards Haeng-seon. While trying to mediate the issues and make Haeng-seon believe that Dong-hui is a good person, Chi-yeol ended up creating more rifts.

Viewers were given a glimpse of Dong-hui’s real emotions. The episode took things up a notch as scenes featuring him revealed that he was indeed jealous or envious of Chi-yeol paying attention to Haeng-seon.

Dong-hui kept Chi-yeol busy and deleted a message sent by Haeng-seon when the star teacher was not looking. During one of the schedules, a staff member called Dong-hui by the name of 'Jeong Seong-hyeon' in front of Chi-yeol and mentioned that he almost couldn’t recognize him as he lost a ton of weight.

The name 'Jeong Seong-hyeon' points towards Dong-hui being Jeong Su-hyeon's brother. She was a bubbly student of Chi-yeol's in the past, who died by suicide after discovering that her mother had given her leaked exam papers to practice.

Meanwhile, Chi-yeol asked Dong-hui to smile more and act like his natural sweet self so that Haeng-seon did not think he was being cold. Dong-hui was visibly frustrated by this suggestion but he sensed trouble and started treating Haeng-seon well. He even drove a yacht as Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon looked at the sea and him happily.

However, as soon as the star teacher turned around, he made a sudden turn, attempting to throw Haeng-seon off the yacht. The Banchan restaurant owner began doubting him again but it is crystal clear to Crash Course in Romance viewers that Dong-hui has a dark secret.

Meanwhile, Hui-jae, who was brought to court for his arrest warrant, nervously revealed that he was a witness to Jin I-sang’s murder and not the culprit. Over the next few moments, viewers saw a delivery man huffing and puffing while carrying a heavy carton full of metal balls, cursing at the recipient’s door.

The delivery room was a haphazard, messy room with hardly any furniture. But the walls were plastered with Chi-yeol’s news articles. Parts of the wall also revealed several weapons such as a bow and a catapult, among other things.

The next scene was of the masked-up serial killer slowly driving past Nation’s Best Banchan shop, stopping at a distance and aiming his bow at Haeng-seon, who was oblivious to her surroundings.

The camera panned to the face of the killer and he was revealed to be Ji Dong-hui.

Meanwhile, the supporting characters in Crash Course in Romance also had a defining arc in episode 12. Kim Young-joo, Haeng-seon’s best friend, asked out her brother, Nam Jae-woo on a date.

Hae-e’s concern for Sun-jae, who skipped school, was very obvious, which made Seo Geon-hu almost certain that he had no chance with her. Sun-jae and Hae-e also shared an emotional hug. Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol spent the night together for the first time and took their relationship to the next level.

While it is clear to Crash Course in Romance viewers that Ji Dong-hui is dangerous, it remains to be seen when and how Chi-yeol will discover and deal with the betrayal of his confidante.

The next two episodes of Crash Course in Romance will be released on February 25 and 26 on Netflix.

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