“Why are they mad?”: Netizens defend Crash Course in Romance leads Jung Kyung-ho and Jeon Do-yeon’s age gap

Crash Course in Romance receives criticisms for age gap between lead actors, fans defend (Images via Instagram/tvn_drama)
Crash Course in Romance receives criticisms for age gap between lead actors, but fans are quick to defend them. (Images via Instagram/tvn_drama)

People on the internet are all-in defending Jung Kyung-ho (39) and Jeon Do-yeon’s (50) onscreen romance in Netflix’s romcom, Crash Course in Romance.

While the romcom has been receiving incredibly good reviews, with many even calling it their comfort drama of the year, criticisms about the lead actors’ ages began pouring in recently. Many believe that Jung Kyung-ho looked much younger than Jeon Do-yeon in the series, which made them lose interest in the story.

However, others soon rose to defend the actors with their own arguments. With the series being a middle-aged romance drama, where the female lead plays the mother of a teenager, the hypocrisy of seeing older women with younger men was among several points that fans put forward in defense of the age gap. One netizen even asked:

"Why are they mad?"

Crash Course in Romance crossed double-digit viewership ratings in its sixth episode, reflecting its gradual rise in popularity. Jung Kyung-ho plays Choi Chi-yeol, a star math teacher at a private institution, while Jeon Do-yeon plays Nam Haeng-seon, a restaurant owner who is also a single mother to a teenage daughter.

Fans leave no stone unturned to defend Crash Course in Romance leads from age gap criticism

Currently, the most popular K-drama in town is Crash Course in Romance. The romcom series, starring Jung Kyung-ho and veteran Cannes Film Award-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon in the lead roles, created average buzz during its premiere. One of the reasons for its growing attraction was the series' scriptwriter Yang Hee-seung, who is known for her romcoms Oh My Ghost and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.

However, following the release of multiple episodes, several moments between the two leads playing Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon have gone viral on the internet. The most recent episode finally saw the two realize their love for each other, with Chi-yeol confessing his feelings for Haeng-seon. The leads even shared a kiss that also went viral.

Despite this, several comments about Jeon Do-yeon’s age and looks in comparison to Jung Kyung-ho have become a point of constant debate.

Many netizens were quick to reject the debate and defended the actors’ age gap. Some even called out the double standards of people and shared that the entire discussion on the age gap was unnecessary.

For many, the two actors’ comedic timing and talents appeared to be in harmony, making them an interesting onscreen couple to root for. Moreover, another charming factor of the drama is its unusual and refreshing romantic storyline.

Take a look at how fans defended the actors' age-gap below:

Meanwhile, episode 12 of Crash Course in Romance, released on February 12, became the series' highest-rated episode yet. It received 13.5% nationwide viewership and 15.9% Seoul-wide viewership as per Nielsen Korea. It has overtaken Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha to become the 18th highest-rated drama of all time on cable TV.

With six more episodes to go and several interesting bits yet to be explored, Crash Course in Romance’s ratings are expected to increase. The show airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9.10 pm KST on tvN and Netflix.

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Edited by Susrita Das