"Dancer Jennie Kim is on fire": BLACKPINK leave fans floored with performance of 'Shut Down' on Jimmy Kimmel Live

BLACKPINK's Jennie won over with her dance performance (Image via Twitter/@hbicrubyjane)

On September 20, BLACKPINK performed their latest title track, Shut Down, on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live with a fantastic dance performance.

This is also their first live performance of their title track, Shut Down, since they marked their much-awaited comeback on September 16. This performance is a first on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, two years after their last album was released in 2020.

While everyone delivered terrific performances, Jennie's dance performance stole the audience's heart, and fans took to social media to shower her with praises.

BLACKPINK fans have written that the dance break was fabulous, and not only did she dance well, but she was also filmed incredibly well.

BLACKPINK fans shower praise on Jennie for her fiery dance moves


BLACKPINK fans showered praises on all the members for their outstanding dance performance, particularly for the SOLO singer.

Fans might be aware that Jennie is considered a "lazy dancer" by a few. Previously, fans have complained that the SOLO singer doesn't put effort on stage and sways to the music, while other members "actually" dance.

She subtly addressed these issues in BLACKPINK's 2020 documentary Light up the Sky, where she said she has a lot of body pain and "aches" and is basically like a grandmother.

She also revealed that she is working hard on changing that and will put more effort into dancing well on screen.

A BLACKPINK fan wrote,

"Goodness gracious, have mercy!"

Another fan wrote,

"Whipped for Kim Jennie."

For those unversed with internet lingos, "whipped" means in love with/impressed obsessively.

Her visuals were top-tier as well. She looked gorgeous beyond measure and was dressed in a cute dark-denim mini skirt and a black mesh top.

On September 19, BLACKPINK released an official performance video for Shut Down, their title track from their second record, BORN PINK. The video clip showcases their excellent dancing skills and detailed choreography for the song.


BLACKPINK's Jennie and BTS' V "hug and dance close" at BORN PINK's listening party

BLACKPINK's Jennie and BTS' V dating rumors continue to make headlines. In a recent development, they were seen "hugging and dancing close" at BORN PINK's listening party. It was reported that BTS' V was one of the special invites to BORN PINK's listening party, a private affair in Seoul. It is also said that the couple made their first "public appearance" at the party.

Neither of their agencies has issued any statement of clarification on this.

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