Did BTS' Taehyung subtly warn antis spreading dating rumors to shut up?

BTS' V, aka Kim Taehyung (Image via Twitter/bts_bighitt)
BTS' V, aka Kim Taehyung (Image via Twitter/bts_bighitt)
Afreen Khan

In a surprising turn of events, it looks like BTS' V aka Kim Taehyung, has taken it upon himself to warn the haters spreading dating rumors about him. On October 14, the idol uploaded vague, cryptic, and angry messages on his Weverse stories.

The only thing that ARMYs publicly know would anger or disgust the idol to this extent are the false dating rumors that spread today. Some people saw him at an art gallery with a lady, and started spreading lies stating they were both secretly dating. However, HYBE quickly cleared the air and denied the rumors.

BTS Taehyung's Weverse post might be a dig at the people spreading lies about him

Being in the K-pop business for eight years and counting, BTS members and their agency, know how to deal with such rumors.

Dating rumors between BTS' Taehyung and the Paradise Group President's daughter spread like wildfire after HYBE stated they were false. Before the statement, not many fans knew about any such rumors regarding the idol.

While ARMYs expressed their disdain towards people who spread such lies, it seems like Taehyung isn't far behind.

He uploaded two stories to his Weverse account. The first one says,

"How pathetic. I want to sing UGH. (vomit emoji)"
Screenshot of BTS V's Weverse story 1
Screenshot of BTS V's Weverse story 1

The song UGH is a diss track about people who love spreading lies about someone.

In the next story, he explicitly expressed how utterly disgusted he was:

"Today in my dreams, I’ll be shooting poisoned needles at the back of those people’s necks. Guard the back of your necks. Shoot, shoot. (vomit and skull emoji)"
Screenshot of BTS V's Weverse story 2
Screenshot of BTS V's Weverse story 2

BTS' Taehyung is usually seen maintaining his calm, chic personality even when put in tough situations. But the idol member never backed down from talking about toxic behavior that hurt the group. However, this sudden burst of intense emotion is even leading ARMYs to think that he may be throwing shade at the people who insulted a good friendship by claiming romantic love was involved.

Tae was polite regarding the way he should let out his anger. He posted it on weverse where only his fans can be there and even he said in a polite yet angry way. This should say how much Tae was bothered yet he had to let out everything in a simple way…
tae has all rights to be mad, alot of people on here don't know the meaning of privacy, some been told to not share unauthorized photos of them and still goes ahead and do so, in conclusion mind your business.
damn taehyung mad mad on weverse 👁

Pictures of Taehyung strolling around the museum were also doing the rounds on social media. One fan stated their account with him, mentioning that the idol politely declined when she asked for a photo.

when i said i missed taehyung i didn’t mean i wanted him to come on weverse and yell at y’all for stalking him
really proud how tae popped off on weverse

HYBE did put the rumors to rest by handling them in a snap, but this opens up a discussion regarding K-pop stans invading artists' personal lives, and whether there is any possible way for the industry and fans to be less toxic.

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