Did the live-action remakes save Disney?

Mulan as she appears in her reboot (Image via Disney)
Mulan as she appears in her live-action reboot (Image via Disney)

In the recent years, there has been a lot of debate and discussion about the live-action Disney remakes and their allegedly unnecessary existence, according to critics. Many fans have claimed that Disney has run out of ideas, especially with the onslaught of the new Pinocchio film.


The 'Mouse-House' has had a series of ups and downs throughout its magical run. Obviously, the corporate conglomerate isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but the live-action reboots might be the best decision they have ever made.

Here’s why that might actually be the case.

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How did the remakes give Disney new life?

Nostalgia hits hard

Aladdin and Jasmine (Image via Disney)
Aladdin and Jasmine (Image via Disney)

What really stirs fans in the best way is the nostalgia of the films that they grew up with. It is the driving force that has kept Disney fans interested in the company for so long, while keeping them enchanted with the imagination and belief that anything is possible.

Audiences want to be dazzled by something that feels familiar and once they feel a sudden adrenaline-rush from their nostalgic past, it reminds them of a more magical time from their childhood. The reboots have successfully accomplished that and more.

Each frame teleports the onlookers back to their 'feel-good' times. That is one of the reasons why Spider-Man: No Way Home is the best in the franchise. The Disney revisions fulfill this objectiveof providing hard-hitting nostalgia brilliantly.

The live-action remakes are actually good

Some of the live-action remakes (Image via Disney)
Some of the live-action remakes (Image via Disney)

Despite popular belief, the live-action redoes are actually very entertaining and visually stunning, with much to offer. Because of the constant comparisons between the previous and the new ones, audiences might be looking at the redoes from a superficial point of view.

Many of the changes in the live-action Disney remakes are updated and make more sense in the reality of the storyline. We finally know why nobody knows about the Beast in his castle or why a soul won't recognize Aladdin when he is Prince Ali.

The predecessors were great and set a standard for animation but there are advantages and limitations of them the same way there are advantages and limitations of the newer live-action ones. One medium does not supersede the other. One is not better than another.

Box-office fortune

The remakes in their glory (Image via Disney)
The remakes in their glory (Image via Disney)

Another way that these reinterpretations have saved Disney is through the box-office. Many people think that the live-action reinterpretations are unnecessary, but majority of the box office numbers will beg to differ.

Despite what critics and fans have said, the remakes have made nearly $8 billion at the box office. The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast have all grossed over $1 billion. Fans are ardently giving away their money and attention to these ventures and with that amount of money, Disney is looking stronger and brighter, gathering more box office gold than ever before.

New Disney films might not be as great

'Turning Red' Poster (Image via Disney)
'Turning Red' Poster (Image via Disney)

Something that has plagued Disney as of late are not the remakes, but its new animated films. Many of these films, like Turning Red, Luca, Encanto, and Onward, range from forgettable to dull.

The problem with these "new" films is that they lack stakes, proper goals and a decent villain, all of which are the foundation of a good Disney film. The remakes have it but the "original" films fail to live up to these standards nowadays.

These new Disney films might have not been the best in the Mouse House’s history. Coupling that with the fact that they have not done well at the box office might make a recipe for some trouble. Despite what people think of the remakes, they are far more memorable than the new films that have been produced by Disney.

Had it not been for the remakes, Disney might be dishing out less-than-stellar films that continuously underperformed. All in all, Disney has had a meteoric rise and a few slumps over the years. The live-action reinterpretations, while seen as a slump, have been an asset for Disney thanks to all of the aforementioned reasons. Hopefully, these movies are seen beyond their surface-level critiques.

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