"Do not disrespect him": Quackity trolled for confusing Cody Ko with Cole Sprouse and calling him "Riverdale Guy"

Minecraft streamer Quackity/ Image via Instagram
Minecraft streamer Quackity/ Image via Instagram
Modified 02 May 2021

Minecraft YouTuber Quackity was compared to "Riverdale" star Cole Sprouse by his chat during his recent gaming broadcast. The creator made the comparison uncanny with a quote from the fan-favorite CW TV series. But that wasn't the catch.

The variety streamer was trolled rigorously by his fanbase because he mistook Sprouse for popular Canadian YouTuber Cody Ko. Quackity called him the "Riverdale Guy."

Minecraft streamer Quackity was compared to Riverdale star Cole Sprouse

Sprouse is known for playing Cody Martin on Disney's series "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." This could be why the streamer confused Sprouse with Ko.

The incident happened during Quackity's broadcast while playing Minecraft. But fans were more interested in the streamer's appearance, which looked similar to Sprouse from his portrayal of Jughead in "Riverdale."

While responding to the chat users comparing him to Sprouse, Quackity mistakenly said "Cody Ko" instead of "Cole Sprouse" while referring to the actor. Seemingly enough, the error led to fans hilariously trolling the streamer.

The YouTuber's funny response got him, Ko, and Sprouse trending on Twitter. Many joined the bandwagon with their reactions.

The internet was caught in a storm of confusion between the three personalities. The drama compounded when they started trending on social media. Those who didn't know the context were perplexed to see the three names trending together. Luckily, users who were part of the recent Quackity broadcast shared some context to clear the air.

It could be a case of a classic mix-up or an intentional prank played by Quackity. Some fans pointed out that the creator was a Riverdale and Sprouse fan.

The Minecraft streamer during one of his broadcast/Image via Youtube
The Minecraft streamer during one of his broadcast/Image via Youtube

About the incident, Quackity said,

"I'm weird, I'm weird, I don't fit in, I don't want to fit in. Have you seen me without this Beanie on? that's weird, I'm weird."

The streamer was referencing a dialogue by Jughead in "Riverdale," further alluding to a concerted effort to confuse the audience.

Judging by the reactions, it doesn't look like the creator's fans will stop trolling him anytime soon.

Published 02 May 2021
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