Dr. Addison Montgomery back on Grey's Anatomy: Why did Kate Walsh quit?

Kate Walsh to return as Dr. Addison Montgomery in Grey's Anatomy (Image via Instagram/katewalsh)
Kate Walsh to return as Dr. Addison Montgomery in Grey's Anatomy (Image via Instagram/katewalsh)
Prarthna Sarkar

Kate Walsh's Dr. Addison Montgomery is all set to return to Grey's Anatomy. Kate Walsh, in a recently-posted tweet, announced she would be reprising her role as a neonatal surgeon.

As of this writing, the post has garnered 300,000 plus views, 30,000 likes, over 15,000 retweets and counting. The numbers are going to spike and so will fans' interest in the show.

What does Dr. Addison Montgomery's return mean?

For now, a lot is up in the air. There's little information about the intensity of her role. Will it be another dream sequence?

Remember Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd and how he was brought back through Meredith Grey's (Ellen Pompeo) dreams? For Walsh, the return may be different given Dr. Addison Montgomery was not killed off.

Why did Walsh leave Grey's Anatomy?

Dr. Addison Montgomery's entry changed workplace and personal relationships in no time. Her arrival ruffled some feathers and that was the intent, really. It amped up the drama and made Grey's Anatomy an even more entertaining show.

Walsh had a recurring role on the show, but by the end of the third season there was nothing more Dr. Addison Montgomery could add or do to push the narrative. It was then that executive producer Shonda Rhimes approached Walsh with an offer to star in the spin-off series Private Practice.

In a 2007 interview, she spoke to TV Guide about her reaction to the opportunity:

"I was shocked and excited and mostly just totally blown away. Then I was nervous, like, "Wait, really? Why me?" But mostly I was just thrilled because it totally felt like the right thing. I was so flattered and honored that they would think of my character to take off for greener pastures."

All you need to know about Grey's Anatomy Season 18

The upcoming season will premiere on ABC on September 30, at 9:00 pm Eastern Time (ET). For more information, check local listings.

In addition to Walsh, the showrunners have signed Peter Gallagher on board. However, at this point, not much is known about the role he'll be playing on the show.

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