Dr. Shannon Curry vs Dr. Dawn Hughes: Psychologists refute each other's claims regarding Amber Heard's PTSD

Amber Heard's PTSD has been widely debated (Image via Getty)
Amber Heard's PTSD has been widely debated (Image via Getty)

Both Depp and Amber Heard have continually testified in the defamation case. Dr. Shannon Curry, Johnny Depp's forensic psychologist, claimed Amber Heard's forensic psychologist, Dr. Dawn Hughes, "misrepresented" the tests and utilized them in her evaluation during the hearing on May 25th.

Dr. Shannon Curry is a forensic and therapeutic psychologist who has presented their testimony in the Depp v.s Heard case. Dr. Curry is licensed in California and Hawaii and runs a counseling center in Orange County, California.


After being contacted by Depp's legal team in 2021, Dr. Curry assessed Heard's mental health.

In 2019, Heard was tested by Dr. Dawn Hughes, who diagnosed her with PTSD. In early May, Dr. Hughes presented her knowledge to the court.

Dr. Shannon Curry refutes Dr. Dawn Hughes' claims regarding Amber Heard

Dr. Shannon Curry, Depp's forensic psychologist, said on May 25th that Dr. Dawn Hughes "misrepresented" the results of Dr. Curry's evaluation regarding Heard.

Dr. Curry further stated that psychologists should limit their reports to the data discovered and avoid including personal or private information that would jeopardize the dignity of any of the persons concerned.

She stated that when discussing Depp, who she hadn't seen, Dr. Hughes mentioned some of the accusations. Dr. Curry believes Dr. Hughes used "obsessive jealousy" several times when asserting that these things cannot be determined through testing and psychiatric examination.

Dr. Curry also said on May 25th that Heard's PTSD symptoms were blown out of proportion and that she didn't believe Heard had PTSD.

However, Dr. Curry claimed Amber Heard "exaggerated" PTSD symptoms and "engaged in defensiveness" during testing and claimed that Dr. Hughes falsified tests and results.

Dr. Curry said:

“She administered the personality assessment inventory… it includes several scales that are very good at detecting exaggeration, minimisation or even trying to claim you have unusually good qualities. In that test, there were clear indicators that Ms. Heard was engaged in defensiveness.”

According to Dr. Curry, Ms. Heard's approach to several examinations was "unusual."

"It appears to be influenced by what we call the face validity of the exam questions."

So, if the test appears to be assessing PTSD, her validity scales have greatly overflown.

Shannon Curry, a clinical psychologist, has previously dismissed Amber Heard as having PTSD. Hughes disagreed with Curry's diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder.

Depp is suing Amber Heard for $50 million in damages after claiming in a 2018 column for The Washington Post that she had become a "public figure representing domestic abuse." Although the article does not reference Depp by name, his lawyers claim it alludes to him.

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