ENHYPEN's 'Dimension: Answer' tracklist features three new songs

ENHYPEN 'DIMENSION: ANSWER' concept photo 'NO' version (Image via @BELIFTLAB/Twitter)
ENHYPEN 'DIMENSION: ANSWER' concept photo 'NO' version (Image via @BELIFTLAB/Twitter)

On January 3, KST, ENHYPEN released the tracklist for its upcoming repackaged album DIMENSION: ANSWER. It hasn’t been long since the million-seller rookies promoted their last comeback, DIMENSION: DILEMMA, but just two months later, they’re back again.

The repackaged album consists of old songs but features two all-new songs and one that the group performed a studio version of before, although not yet officially released.

ENHYPEN reveal ‘Blessed-Cursed’ as the lead title track of upcoming repackage album 'Dimension: Answer'

The seven-member ENHYPEN achieved unbelievable growth and popularity when it surpassed a million sales for its comeback album, DIMENSION: DILEMMA. The release arrived after six out of seven members contracted COVID and later fully recovered.

Set for release on January 20, 2022, ENHYPEN released a tracklist for comeback repackaged album DIMENSION: ANSWER. The album features 11 tracks, including previous releases Intro: Whiteout, Tamed-Dashed, Upper Side Dreamin’. I Didn’t Know, GO Big or Go Home, Blockbuster feat. Yeonjun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Attention, Please! and Interlude: Question.

ENHYPEN will also be releasing three new tracks: Blessed-Cursed, Polaroid Love and Outro: Day 2. The group has patented the titles of its main tracks to consist of only two words with a hyphen. It can be antonyms like Given-Taken from debut album Border: Day One or alliteration like Drunk-Dazed from BORDER: CARNIVAL or any other word combinations.

ENHYPEN previously performed a studio version of Polaroid Love in a concert. With the song yet to be released, seeing the track included in the DIMENSION: ANSWER album has fans excited.

The tracklist poster shows three miniatures of men in suits standing at various places in some sort of a classroom. As the members portray high school boys, the upcoming DIMENSION: ANSWER will be a step forward in the universe created by BELIFT Lab for ENHYPEN. Especially with the cryptic messages written on the members’ faces in the concept photos.

Fans were previously concerned for the members’ health and demanded the agency delay the group’s comeback. As the seven boys recovered from COVID in September and soon promoted their album, fans showered them with immense support by making them million-sellers.

ENHYPEN is now the second overall fourth-generation group to surpass one million sales but the fastest group to do so. The comeback album DIMENSION: ANSWER will be released on January 10, 2022.

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