Estella Richards, Kyle Richards' mother-in-law, picks up on divorce rumors during RHOBH season 13 episode 2

Kyle Richards was seen in a delicate conversation with her ex mother-in-law, Estella Richards. Image via mumansky18/Instagram)
Kyle Richards was seen in a delicate conversation with her ex mother-in-law, Estella Richards. Image via mumansky18/Instagram)

Kyle Richards, a star of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," has been facing significant unwanted attention concerning her recent divorce from Mauricio Umansky. There have been recent rumors suggesting that Umansky is in a relationship with Emma Slater, a fellow contestant from "Dancing With The Stars." Although the two contestants recently dispelled these rumors, they triggered a series of responses from other stars of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Regardless, the currently ongoing Season 13 of RHOBH has gone on as planned in recent weeks. The season premiered on October 25 and the recent episode 2 saw another potentially awkward encounter involving Kyle Richards. This time, it was with her former mother-in-law, Estella Richards.

Kyle Richards claims to be out of syn with ex-husband Mauricio Umansky on RHOBH Season 13 episode 2

Of course, the RHOBH episode was shot before Kyle’s divorce from Umansky had been finalized. However, the rumors surrounding their separation were already afoot and had also been noticed by her mother-in-law, Estella.

Estella was recently seen attending Kyle and Mauricio’s daughter Portia’s 15th birthday, leading to a delicate conversation between the two. Estella initially claimed that she was deeply concerned with the rumors surrounding her son’s separation from her, and wanted to know what was up:

"Everything is okay with you and Mauricio, right? Every time I open Google, there was something about you guys separating, divorcing, whatever. It got to a point in which I called Mauricio and I sent him a text and I said, ‘Is everything okay?'"

Kyle, who has previously been seen to be close to Estella, revealed the truth and claimed that she was certain the recent distance that she had been feeling was due to another woman that Mauricio was interested in. While she did not reveal who she was speaking of, one can expect her fears might be related to Umansky’s DWTS partner Emma Slater.

Regardless, the rumors surrounding their separation had initially come up when Kyle was spotted without her wedding ring. She revealed that while she completely understood how Umansky’s work consumed him, she had been feeling out-of-sync with her partner in a way that she had not “experienced before.”

This was the reason why Kyle was certain that the recent issues were down to Mauricio’s involvement, or attraction towards another woman.

What's more, Kyle’s closeness with Estella also led to a difficult conversation with Mauricio himself, who was also part of the episode. She ended up revealing that Mauricio had a tattoo, and had seemingly forgotten that his mother had no idea about it. This led to a confrontation between the pair, as Umansky claimed that it was a personal matter that he wanted to talk about, with his mother.

Regardless, while the pair has since separated officially, Estella wore the look of a troubled mother who only wanted her son to have a happy marriage. She was affected by the rumors, something she had found out firsthand on the internet, rather than from the couple themselves. While Estella and Kyle ended up having a heartwarming moment, both seemed well aware the pair’s marriage was heading towards an end.

Subsequent episodes of RHOBH Season 13 can be watched every Wednesday on Bravo, at 8 PM ET.

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