Ethan and Hila Klein slam Joe Rogan over recent mask fiasco 

YouTube Image Via H3 Podcast
YouTube Image Via H3 Podcast
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Joe Rogan recently made some critical comments about people wearing masks outdoors, to which YouTubers Hila and Ethan Klein have responded.

On the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, guest Whitney Cummings and the host talked about the public still wearing masks. They looked over a clip in which a crowd that included Hila Klein was watching a comedy show event. Supposedly, the event was outdoors, and everyone in attendance had been tested for COVID-19.

Joe Rogan has been no stranger to saying controversial things about COVID-19 since the pandemic began. Some comments are based on facts, while others are opinions. In this case, he expressed a view about people wearing masks outdoors, including Hila Klein. He said,

"Look at this, outside with a mask on, and everyone is tested. That's what is so dumb. No one knew what to do, even still to this day. The CDC says you can take your mask off when you're outside. There's no evidence whatsoever that there's transmission outside. If you're vaccinated, you can take your mask off inside or outside."

Joe Rogan continued to criticize the state of California for its mask mandate that will also continue for another month. Whitney Cummings also threw in a joke about those wearing masks outside, which hypothetically included Hila Klein.

Ethan Klein and Hila address the comments made by Joe Rogan on his podcast


In his podcast, Joe Rogan called wearing masks outside dumb, but he didn't necessarily insult Hila Klein. Regardless, Ethan and Hila Klien addressed the comments. Their fans were just as unhappy with Whitney Cummings, who has appeared on the H3H3 podcast as well.

The couple quickly pointed out that the video was shot during a party when COVID-19 was still surging. This is not a recent video. Hila Klein described it as a "very uncomfortable experience." She said that,

"It was surging, and you know, we were trying to be very careful because of our son and our nanny, and people like my parents. Everyone there was technically supposed to be wearing a mask and this was during a time where we were sh***ing on influencers who were being super irresponsible, not wearing masks and stuff. So it’s like, we don’t wanna be caught being f***ing hypocrites."

Ethan Klein followed up his explanation while throwing some insults at Joe Rogan. He wondered why Rogan was so adamant against wearing masks. It looks like the two podcast hosts may steer clear of each other for some time.

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