Ex-AOA member Kwon Mina reveals her new boyfriend in a now-deleted Instagram post

Former AOA member Kwon Mina (Image via Google)
Former AOA member Kwon Mina (Image via Google)
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Former AOA member Kwon Mina recently uploaded an image of herself and a man wearing outfits. She shared with the public about starting to date again. She posted it with an explanation on Instagram. However, she soon deleted the post.

On September 3, Mina uploaded a post saying, "We've been dating since recently," according to allkpop. This also comes after her recent cheating controversy with her ex-boyfriend and an attempted suicide.

Mina backtracked on her disclosure quickly

In a lengthy post, Mina shared that she tends to be attracted to people who have family problems just like her. She added that she might not be romantically involved but "hold my hand out to them because I know what it's like to have no one during difficult times."

In the now-deleted post, they were both wearing loose plaid outfits with masks. She also revealed that despite her "previous trauma with men," she now wants to live a proud and honest life.

Netizens took to social media to point out that she is already dating someone, despite opening up about her past sexual assault just some time ago. Mina responded to the comments in a crisp manner, saying, "It's my freedom."

According to Kbizoom, a netizen also DMed her a malicious comment saying,

"If you had attempted to risk your life for about 20 times, it means you don’t want to die."

This prompted Mina to reply,

"Go live your life instead of bothering me."

Mina quickly deleted the post from her Instagram account, which now has only two photos. This would be the singer's second public relationship after exposing her ex-boyfriend.

The cheating controversy that overtook Korean social media platforms started with a netizen claiming Mina stole her friend's boyfriend 'Yoo,' who apologized saying he dated a celebrity "out of curiosity."

Mina reportedly attempted suicide recently and was rushed to hospital. 'Yoo' revealed Mina's mother sent him graphic images of her when he wasn't replying to the singer's calls. He ended the letter by saying he will live his whole life repenting of the infidelity.

Recently, Mina appeared on a YouTube talk show and revealed further details on being bullied by former member Jimin. However, netizens point out the singer's hypocrisy, stating that she had previously mentioned completely different things.

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