Kwon Mina's ex-boyfriend admits he cheated out of curiosity

The situation around Kwon Mina continues (Image via FNC Entertainment)
The situation around Kwon Mina continues (Image via FNC Entertainment)

In the latest update to the Kwon Minah cheating saga, it seems her ex-boyfriend has opened up on certain details regarding his relationship with her, which has caused fans to stand divided by their opinions on the situation.

Kwon Mina (or simply Mina) was a member of FNC Entertainment's girl group AOA, debuting with them in 2012. Almost 7 years later, in 2019, Mina announced that she'd be leaving AOA and FNC. She has shifted between other agencies and is currently riding solo.

After a huge scandal broke out between her ex-boyfriend, his ex and Mina herself, one side has decided to come clean with more context to the whole situation.

Rough timeline of events around the Kwon Mina scandal

The saga of this entire scandal has been ongoing for quite a while; originally, Mina had been accused of stealing her (at the time) boyfriend "Yoo" from another girl, who called them out on social media.

After Mina defended herself in the whole situation and made some accusations about being harassed by the family of the accuser, an anonymous netizen made a response to Mina's defense.

Mina then hosted a live stream and made some serious statements, revealing private details about fellow AOA member Jimin (whom she had accused of bullying her in a separate earlier scandal).

She posted several handwritten letters on her Instagram account, apologizing for not staying off of the internet. News broke on July 29th that Mina was hospitalized due to a suicide attempt.

Kwon Mina's ex "Yoo" comes clean with details of their relationship

"Yoo," as Mina's ex is being referred to, had made several statements in the middle of the scandal, apologizing for cheating on his previous girlfriend with Mina. Mina had also mentioned in one of her posts that she apologized to his ex-girlfriend after she found out that he indeed had cheated when he got together with Mina.

Today, on July 31st, he revealed several details of their hazardous relationship.

He said he got into a relationship with Mina out of curiosity for having an affair with a celebrity. He mentioned that besides a few small gifts here and there, he never got any money or other financial incentives from her.

He clarified that the first apology that he had uploaded regarding their relationship, had been revised by Kwon Mina. He continued, saying that he was unable to communicate with her properly, as "no matter what I said, she always said I was the perpetrator, and she was the victim." (via Allkpop)

He ended the letter saying that he'll be atoning for cheating on his ex for the rest of his life and apologized once more.

Divided reactions from fans, who don't know who to side with

Fans are quite confused on how to react to the news. Many are bringing up Kwon Mina's accusation of bullying committed by AOA's Jimin, stating that Mina could have possibly lied during that situation. Others want the situation to be over, and for Mina to recover and be healthy.

Fortunately, Mina's condition was stable, but did not regain consciousness as stated on the 29th. She is currently resting at the hospital after having emergency surgery.

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