EXO’s Suho announces special gift for fans in an emotional letter after military discharge

EXO's Suho 'LOVE SHOT' concept photo (Image via @theseoulstory/Twitter)
EXO's Suho 'LOVE SHOT' concept photo (Image via @theseoulstory/Twitter)

“I miss your silver light” is how EXO’s Suho signed off his handwritten letter to fans soon after his military discharge. Suho, the group’s leader, enlisted on May 14, 2020, and was officially discharged on February 14, 2022. The idol penned a heartfelt letter expressing how much he missed fans and his love for them.

Among many other things, Suho teased a unique gift that he is preparing for fans, hoping for it to be worth their wait.

Suho shares that he’s preparing a gift for fans, EXO-Ls celebrate his return

On February 14, EXO’s Suho updated his Instagram with a handwritten letter announcing his return to the industry after completing his conscription.

Kim Junmyeon, known mainly by his stage name, Suho, expressed his love for the fans and started the letter by saying that he missed them the most. Suho then continued his letter with sweet words, talking about their love growing deeper due to the time apart and even shared that he dreamed about the group doing a concert.

The leader then talked about his aspirations for the future and revealed that he would be gifting fans something special. Suho also mentioned that he hopes that the gift makes them feel worth the one year and nine months of wait.

After the letter, the leader also treated fans to multiple selfies. They soon trended #SuHomecoming and ‘Our Guardian is Back’ celebrating his return.

Fans also found the luxurious pen that the idol used - worth more than $1000. They were even surprised to find out that some fans sold out the two million KRW pen. EXO’s Suho pens an emotional letter after his military discharge.

Suho is the third member to complete his military service. Xiumin and D.O completed their conscriptions before the leader. Meanwhile, Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol currently serve as active soldiers. The ones remaining to enlist are Kai and Sehun, who are expected to enlist by the end of 2022 or 2023.

Though there’s still some time before fans can see EXO members promote as an entire group again, solo releases such as albums and dramas keep the fans busy.

Sehun’s movie The Pirates 2 made an incredible South Korean box office run - becoming the first Korean movie to hit one million moviegoers - while D.O wrapped up filming for fantasy romance movie Secret a week ago. Xiumin’s appearances on variety shows make fans laugh, while KAI recently released another solo release, Peaches.

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