Ezekiel Harry death: Mother and her boyfriend is arrested as missing Louisiana toddler is found dead in trash can

The mother and her boyfriend are arrested as a missing Louisiana toddler is found dead in a trash can (Image via GoFundMe)
The mother and her boyfriend are arrested as a missing Louisiana toddler is found dead in a trash can (Image via GoFundMe)

On Tuesday, a woman and her boyfriend were detained in Houma, Louisiana, by authorities in connection with the alleged murder of her 2-year-old son, Ezekiel Harry, whose body, packed in a duffel bag, was discovered in a garbage can.

Police authorities said,

"Discovery of this precious child was the result of numerous experienced investigators...who were driven to see the investigation through."
🚨PLEASE SHARE🚨Level two endangered child alert — 2-year-old Ezekiel Harry of Houma was last seen around noon at a walking track near Main & Mahler St. In Houma @WGNOtv

According to jail records, the offenders, Maya Jones, 28, and Jermaine Robinson, 36, have both been charged with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence. As a result, the couple was not granted bail.

Authorities believe Ezekiel Harry had apparent signs of physical abuse

The New Orleans-based WWL-TV was notified by a neighbor that she had previously overheard adults arguing. Consequently, the neighbor, Sarah Plaisance, dialed 911.

Plaisance told the station,

"I called the cops, crying and shaking. I said please send someone out here. He is going to kill somebody in the house."

Security footage shows Jones and Robinson left their home with a black duffel bag. On the same day, according to Houma Today, Ezekiel Harry was reported missing by his mother, Mary Jones. She stated that as she and her four children were out for a walk, he was kidnapped by someone in a grey truck.

Police said,

"Jones went to nearby residences stating her kid was abducted"

A few hours later, the couple was captured on camera entering their house without their luggage.

According to a press release, they suspected foul play when authorities discovered that Jones had given false information.

Houma PD says 37-year-old Jermaine Robinson & Maya Jones (Harry’s mother, not pictured) are facing charges related to first degree murder in the death of 2 yr old Ezekiel Harry @WGNOtv

Houma Police Chief Dana Coleman said,

"Once the suspects are officially charged, additional information will be released."

Coleman added in a press conference,

"You can see Maya Jones and Jermaine Robinson are carrying the lifeless body of Ezekiel Harry. "

While Coleman said there were obvious signs of physical abuse, the cause of Ezekiel Harry's death is still under investigation. Authorities are looking into the possibility of ongoing maltreatment in the boy's home. He said,

"Whatever happened to little Ezekiel Harry happened in the safe heaven of his home."

The chief added,

"A precious gift within our community was taken from us. Child like this make up a small percentage of our population, but they are definitely 100% of our future. The future of Ezekiel Harry was taken away from us by these two."
Daspit Street in Houma is completely shut down as about 50 people gather for a vigil to remember the life of 2-year-old Ezekiel Harry, the toddler who’s body was found in the trash can pictured here. @WGNOtv

Terrebone District Attorney Joe Waitz said,

"This is absolutely a death penality case. What happened to this little 2-year-old shocks the conscience."

According to Houma Today, Jones' other three children are now staying with their father, Trey Harry. He said,

"I am being as strong as possible, especially for the sake of my other children."

He was remembering his son,Ezekiel Harry, and wrote on a Facebook post,

"All I want is you. All I want to hear and to know you're OK, my son."

Jail records demonstrate Robinson is also accused of causing property damage, possessing drug paraphernalia, and missing previous court appearances.

Jones and Robinson's attorneys' information was unavailable, and it wasn't apparent on Thursday whether the two had pled guilty.

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