"We broke up": Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo call it quits after engagement 

Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo uploaded individual break-up announcement videos (image via Nick Bencivengo and Symonne Harrison/YouTube)
Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo uploaded individual break-up announcement videos (image via Nick Bencivengo and Symonne Harrison/YouTube)

Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo announced their split to their fans on social media. Both influencers took to YouTube to share the news and explain the dynamics between them.

Harrison was the first to break the news to her fans in a video with the title:

We Broke Up

She also informed fans that her upcoming tour with Bencivengo has been canceled in light of recent events. The influencer added that she needs time to "relax and comprehend the situation" which took place in the past week.

Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo announced their breakup on their individual YouTube accounts

Symonne Harrison posted a video of herself on July 9, 2022, where she sat down to talk about her recent breakup with boyfriend Nick Bencivengo. The influencer shared that it was weird to be recording a video without Bencivengo.

She also broke down as she revealed that the two were not together anymore. Harrison even added that it was a "break-up video" she "never thought" she'd be making.

The 16-year-old continued and said that her close friends and family have been very supportive during this difficult period of time. She also informed her fans that the break-up happened almost a week ago.

The teen talked about the numerous plans she and Bencivengo had for the future that needed to be sorted. These included building a house, upcoming vacations and a music tour.

She added that she had been trying to connect with Bencivengo to post an explanation video together but said that she didn't get a response from him. The influencer went on to clarify that there were no negative feelings between her and her ex-boyfriend.

Symonne later said:

"He was such a big part of my life. He was my first real boyfriend, he was like my built-in best friend."

She also said that she won't be revealing personal details about their separation.

Symonne Harrison reminisced about her relationship with Bencivengo, announcing that she missed her ex. She ended the video by acknowledging her fans for their continuous support of her and her work.


Nick Bencivengo, meanwhile, posted his video two days after Harrison, sharing more light on the reason behind their separation. The influencer is currently in Jersey, visiting his family and cousins. He sent love and respect to his ex and her family for the support they have given him in the past few years.

The 18-year-old didn't delve deep into the reason behind their breakup but shared that the situation between him and Harrison had become complicated. He said that maintaining an online as well as an offline relationship was proving to be hard for both of them.

Nick assured his followers that the couple didn't have any "tea" related to the break-up and said that they were going to keep the reason private.

Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo got engaged earlier this year

The pair announced their engagement in January 2022, through an Instagram post with the caption:

"#snick is official. 11/23 I’m the luckiest girl to have the most amazing boyfriend.”

The TikTok star also uploaded a video titled “We got engaged” on YouTube. He shared the exact moment he went down on one knee while the couple were visiting Las Vegas.

Their engagement was greeted with major support from fans, though many thought the couple were too young. To this, Bencivengo accepted being young, but explained that he felt it was “the perfect time” to go ahead with the engagement.

The two had been dating for eight months prior to their engagement and had been creating content together for a long time. They have even released a song together titled “With You.”

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