Fact Check: Is the Joe Biden body double video real? Viral clip resurfaces online amid latest claim

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A viral video of American President Joe Biden's apparent body double walking in a parking lot without any security has resurfaced on the internet. On Sept. 20, the media outlet Inside Paper shared a 21-second resurfaced video of a man "pretending to be Biden's body double."

However, the video first surfaced on the internet in 2021, sparking concern that the ailing President is using an actor/body double to make his public appearances. The footage raised the assumption that actor Arthur Roberts has been hired by the POTUS, given his slight resemblance to the current president.

As per the fact-checking website, Snopes, the claim is wrong, and Arthur Roberts is not the body double of Joe Biden.

In the past, several claims that the 85-year-old actor "blew his cover" by pretending to be the president went viral over the internet. In August 2023, an X user also claimed that Roberts' IMDb profile also mentions that it was he who was present during Biden's swearing-in ceremony as president.

However, according to Snopes, there's no evidence about the aforementioned claim. Arthur Roberts' IMDb profile only mentions that he has appeared in a television movie and a short film.

Rumors about Joe Biden using a body double have been circulating for a long time

Rumors that Joe Biden's death or him using a body double have been going on for a long time.

Recently, media outlet The People's Voice published an article reporting that the members of Joe Biden's family have made a shocking announcement that he had passed away in 2019.

The article's headline read:

“Biden’s Family Admit (sic) He Died and Was Replaced By an Actor in 2019."

According to the social media analytics firm CrowdTangle, the alleged news article was shared on Facebook more than 200 times in one week. On Facebook, several other interpretations of the claim are still circulating.

However, as per USA Today, there's no proof that a Biden family member said something like that. The story was posted on a website that often does so with fake news.

No credible news organization has reported that a member of the Biden family made such a disclosure, and The People's Voice piece provides no proof of such a development.

Furthermore, neither the White House nor the Biden campaign websites contain any mention of the aforementioned admission or a statement refuting this allegation.

On a separate note, Joe Biden has been raising eyebrows and concerns regarding his health. Last week, the 80-year-old president was addressing a conference in Vietnam when it was abruptly stopped when Biden jokingly replied to a media person:

“I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go to bed."

The "Sleepy Joe" narrative again went viral online, since he has been seen napping multiple times during his public appearances.

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